20 Easy and Simple DIY Furniture Ideas to Upgrade Your Room

DIY Furniture helps you to hold your budget. By having basic carpentry skill, you can change old things to be more useful. Sometimes, DIY projects can be more hassle than they’re worth. Furthermore, you need to think more before doing a DIY project. Make sure, it will be used to ease you and make your house looks prettier.

20 Easy Steps to Make a DIY Terrarium

Terrarium is an arrangement of small ornamental plants that grow in a closed environment, usually a transparent glass container. The best part about DIY terrarium is that you can make something unique to compliment your indoor or outdoor decor. Besides being decorative, terrarium is also easy to make and to care for. Here are 20 easy steps to make a DIY terrarium.

20 Great Patio Designs to Complement Your Backyard

Patio designs can unleash a plethora of exciting outdoor activities like grilling, enjoying your garden, or having leisure time. With enough creativity, time, and effort when building it, you can turn your average background into a whole new world. To help inspire your creative sense, these 5 patio designs are ready to offer you exciting references.

22 How to Decorate A Living Room with Fall-inspired Colours

Fall gives great colour inspiration to decorate a living room. Despite being cold and gloomy, fall colour schemes are cosy, warm, inviting, and even bold. You can transform a living room into a great place to relax, hang out, and enjoy a cup of warm drink during the gloomiest days. Try one of these colour schemes to transform your living room.