8 Adorable Rain Chain Ideas to Replace Your Downspouts

Paintings and statues are some example of ornamental that is an important part of decorating your home garden. You can also expand your decorating options by adopting a simple philosophy “accomplishing a necessary function in an aesthetically pleasing way’. A decorative alternatives to traditional metal or plastic downspouts that also have a philosophy looks is a rain chains. Rain chains are come in variety of styles but all of it still have the same practical purpose: directing rainwater from rooftop gutters away from the house and to the ground or to a storage vessel.

8 Festive Porch Decorations To Welcome Your Guests This Christmas

It is a must to make your Christmas unforgettable. And all you can do is decorate your space with beautiful, heartwarming decorations. When thinking about Christmas decoration, porch area is the the first area of your home that the guests will see. So you need to create a welcoming and festive decoration, especially for Christmas.

8 Beautiful Christmas Flower Arrangements to Brighten Up The Space

If you need a pretty flower arrangements for your holiday decor, then you come to the right article. Making your own flower arrangement just like a pro is easy as long as you know the tips. When you get home after buying the flowers, out it in water as soon as possible. Don’t forget to cut an inch off the stems using a sharp knife to help the stems absorb water better.

8 Unique Ideas for Adding Candles to Your Festive Christmas Decor

If you love candles and like to decorate your space with candles, this article will give you some unique ideas to your home decor for Christmas. As we know, there are so many ways to jazz up a candle display. And candles are not only provide mood lighting and create an atmosphere, they also look good especially if you have a dead space in a room. If you are not sure how to decorate it, you can simply throw a few candles together that create an aesthetically pleasing display.

41 Astonishing DIY Wall Clock Ideas

A wall clock can also be a decoration for your space, not only its functionality. When we go to store, we easily find various styles and shapes of wall clock available. Here, we suggest you to make your own clock rather than buy it. Yes, you read that right, you can make your own wall clock that surely meets your style.

25 Proper Plant Ideas to Beautify Your Backyard

Beautify the backyard sometimes is not easy to do. Many things to consider to have a nice backyard view. Installing some LED lights, ornament and plants are the common thing for most people do. Simply, plants are the easiest thing to beautify it. Yet, placing the proper plant is necessary because it will influence the look of the backyard itself.

50 Best Small Backyard Garden Design Ideas

If you have the small backyard, it’s nice to create it become a garden. It can consist of a variety of green plants and flowers by using planters. This idea is beneficial to make the backyard looks more beautiful and environmentally friendly. By having it, you’ll get fresh air and nice view to feel relax.