As the most important Christmas decoration, you should give your best effort in designing your Christmas tree. Basically there are some ways to design your Christmas tree although some of you might confuse on how to do it. Here we are going to serve you with four basic things that you could do for your Christmas tree decoration. Go check out the following information for your advices and references in having your own best Christmas tree.

Christmas Tree with Ribbons

It is no wonder that when it comes to the decoration thing, ribbon is a must item for it. Related to that, Christmas tree will also look more awesome when you put ribbon into it. In hence, there are some different types and colors of ribbon that you could have for your christmas tree as follows. Don’t forget to look at how you can apply the ribbon into some different ways as well.

Brown ribbon with red stripe for more impressive color combination. Apply it vertically to give extra taller Christmas tree impression.
Red and white swirling ribbon to give different ribbon dimension. It applies horizontally to maximize the swirl look.
This one is another swirling ribbon although in only one single color. The red color here applied to strengthen the red Christmas theme.
White ribbon for a simple Christmas tree decoration. However, even it is only simple but the white color bring such a holy impression.
You’ll need such an extra effort for this decoration because the ribbons are folded to shape such a pretty form. Whereas it is still quite easy.

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Christmas Tree with Candy Cane

Due to the need of serving adorable Christmas tree for the kids, candy cane can be the solution. It is really proper to add it into your Christmas tree. As the result, you will build such a fun for the kids as they can really enjoy their Christmas celebration. Basically you can have it by adding it into the Christmas tree. But, there are still some interesting ways to create your candy cane Christmas tree.

Red and white candy cane in real cane form where you can simply hang it into your Christmas tree.
The candy canes here designed to look like a lollipop. Commonly it is more interesting for kids so that it could be the choice for you.

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Green simple Christmas tree could be really sweet whit the candy cane decoration. Here, you can add it in a large amount because the tree doesn’t have any other decors.
Look at how sweet this huge candy cane Christmas tree! If you or your family members are a big fan of sweet things then this design will be the best choice.
To accomodate your wish to have a candy cane Christmas tree in a low budget, this one is the choice. Have it in a small one and add it with white and red color combination ribbon to beautify the tree.

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Red Christmas Tree Decoration

It is known that red is one of the Christmas color. In fact, when people having their Christmas tree it is rarely used to be the color scheme. So that here, let us talk about the red Christmas tree decoration. Basically the tree is still in green color but here, the decoration focused in red color. Go check out on how pretty your Christmas tree could be.

The way to bring out the red color scheme here is by using the red ribbon, red candy cane, bell, and synthetic foliage or grain.
The red shining bell that spread out around the Christmas tree in a massive way is really work well to create red color scheme Christmas tree.
This one is might be neven been in your mind before. You can have this pretty and cute Christmas tree by adding big red flowers and other combination colors to make it more attractive.

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Just like the previous design, this one is also using bells. But, here the Christmas tree added with white ribbon to make it looks pretties.
This such a glorious Christmas tree decorated with some red blooms which are really awesome.

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Christmas Tree with Gifts

As it is known that Christmas will never be far from the gift. Even more, it becomes something that should be there in Christmas. Moreover, people love to put it around the Christmas tree to make it as the additional decoration as well. To know how the gift could be the decoration, look at the following pictures.

For a simple Christmas gift, it wrapped with white paper wrap. Then the red ribbon used to strengthen the Christmas spirit.
For a more cheerful impression, you can wrap the gift into some colorful paper wraps. The point is that you should use the Christmas colors such as green, red, and white.
In this case, the gifts designed to be arranged close to the Christmas tree. With the colorful paper wraps and ribbons, you will make your tree looks more adorable.
Look at how harmonious the gifts colors with the Christmas tree. For you who love regularity, this one is right for you.
Gold color used in this Christmas tree decoration could bring out the luxurious impression. The bright gifts appearance even looks more impressive.

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After all, you can design your Christmas tree with all of the design references that we have shared. Basically you can have it only in pne or two points. Whereas, if you want to have an extra Christmas tree, simply aplly all of the points mentioned above. Anyway, don’t force your self if you have some limitation to apply the things. Make sure that adjust everything based on your needs, budget, and condition.