Nothing’s more special than Christmas celebration during the year. Because of that, you should give your best effort to provide the best celebration. Here, having such a great Christmas decoration is really worthy. According to your needs in pretty decoration and budgeting limitation, you can choose to have the cheap one. You don’t need to worry because even the cheap decoration could bring the beauty as well.

Door Decoration

For the cheap door decoration, you could create the craft by using the materials that come from the nature. In case it is Christmas, then you can make it with pine cone or pine leaves. Or, you can even have it by using any foliage or fruit. In hence, arrange all of the materials to create wreath or simply arrange it around the door. The following pictures will show you on how easy and pretty the decoration would be.

Fruits and leaves decoration with red apples as the main fruit to give red color touch. It is needed to strengthen the Christmas impression.
You can color your door into the red color then add the green decoration. Here, you can create a simple green wreath with pines.
Green pine leaves applied around the door as if it is a door frame. Add with wreath in the same material to give a harmony.
This one is really simple with the pine leaves and old bells for the rustic impression. Add with red scarf for the Christmas touch.
Simple door decoration for your simple home decoration. Apply this simple pine leaves and pine cones wreath into your front door. Add with red ribbon for the Christmas impression.

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The wreath in green and gold leaves is effective to create luxurious Christmas sense. You can add it with ribbon to make it prettier.
Red, orange, and green used as the color theme in this wreath design. The big bell that added with red ribbon is the thing that really stand out here.

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A really simple wreath design in pure white color. Not to make it boring, you can apply the balls in shining color.
The green wreath in this design is really awesome. With the white color added into the wreath, it bring out the snow illusion into the wreath.
This one is really pretty where it uses flowers to beautify the design. Especially the red roses that give the Christmas color combined with the green foliage.

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Porch Decoration

Although you might won’t use your porch to celebrate the Christmas but it is quite worthy to decorate. It is because the Christmas touch into your porch will give an extra decoration for your outdoor part. Moreover, you can still use it during the winter when the snow is not falling. It will be fun to spend your time there while enjoying your tea or coffee. Just like the front door decoration, you can make your porch decoration with low budget.

Pine leaves decoration with wooden star above the rustic cabinet. Since the star is only made of unused wooden pallet, it will be really cheap and easy.
In this decoration, you can apply the white decoration theme. The white stars here are made of wood. Simply paint it with white color and your white Christmas theme created.
Green and red are the colors that used as the theme. Those two colors are really represent Christmas. Have it with red cushion and pine leaves.
Red lantern combine with woods to make fire for your fire place will also worthy. Beside for the Christmas, it also worthy for your winter decoration.
This porch decoration is really glorious with the lighting. In this case, the lighting consist of the string lamps and decorative candles. Moreover, the foliage decoration also represent Christmas theme.

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Look at how pretty the wreath here! It uses as the porch decoration that made of string light. Then, combine it with the same lamp but it different application where it uses as your ceiling decoration.
Green and white are the colors that used here. Not to make it boring, you can add with green apples for a fresh impression.
A really simple decoration with a bucket of pine leaves. In hence, can add it with white stars that given the sticks into it.
A massive pine leaves for your porch decoration with pine cones here and there. Here, you can add it with white ornament for the snow illusion.

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After all, with both the door and porch decoration you can create your Christmas outdoor decoration at once. If you adopt our decoration ideas above, you will obviously get the affordable decoration. It is because the whole materials are really easy to find and quite cheap. Go make your own decoration now! Don’t forget to adjust it with your home style or simply choose the one with certain impression that you want.