Everyone hopes to have a well-organized house. But, what about having lots of stuff? Can we deal with that? Then, to solve all messy stuff problems, storage ideas are all what comes to our mind. One of the part of the house which needs some storages is the garage. In general, garage is the room where we usually put some mechanical tools and equipments. Thus, to avoid being so messy, the gallery below will offer you some references of storages for your garage. If you needs professional helper to consult, super-serrurier.ch could be one of best choice.

Hanging Storage

For a small garage, having lots of stuffs becomes something challenging. Moreover, organize them is not something easy. But, now consider to have hanging storages that may be placed on the ceiling. Actually, it is a great idea because you can have free space under your storage while your stuffs will be well-organized.

Stair hanging storage can be useful to save the space in a small garage
Boat hanging storage looks unique yet useful for tidy and clean garage
Hanging storage on the ceiling which is useful and save more space
Corner hanging storage is great to maximize the free space on the corner

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U-design hanging storages which effective to save more space
Floating shelves which accomodate the amount of tools and equipments
Wooden hanging storage that is useful and effectuve to store tools and equipments for a tidy look
Minimalist hanging storage on the ceiling which give you simple yet great storage idea
Hanging storages that is useful for your garage
Simple hanging storage for your garage to make a tidy look

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Standing Storage

On the other hands, to make a tidy and effective storages, make all the storages vertically placed with standing storage ideas. Also, wall-mounted shelving system sounds a good idea to have. Not only maximize your space, but this idea will also save your space more. Moreover, you can take your wall-mounted shelves as high as you want.

Huge standing storage for your garage which is very effective to make a tidy organization

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Wall standing storage with containers that accomodate your tools and equpments
White standing rack with one cupboard to store your tools
Floating shelves which are effective to save the space, a magnetic wall storage to store your iron equipment, and a cabinet for tools storage
A large rack will make uour garage look tidier and well-organized
Three red standing storages with container for a tidy garage
Wooden floating shelves is useful to store the tools
A sliding door cupboard that eases you to store and find the tools
Minimalist large black cupboard is a smart idea to store your tools
A white rack with some containers to store many kinds of tools and eqipments

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To reach tidier impression, you can also use some boxes or containers to help you organize and separate the tools based on the functions, size, or material. In addition, you may attach some hooks on the wall to store the shovel, brooms, mop, etc. Finally, be smart on choosing the right storages to get a cozy and well-prepared garage.