Due to the winter decoration needs, you should make sure that you can provide the warm feeling into the living room. It is because you might won’t be able to handle the cold weather in winter. Especially when the snow is falling where the weather will be colder. However, to get the comfy decoration, it won’t be enough to only provide the furniture. Here, you should also considering to the beauty so that you will really enjoy and happy to spend your time there.

Decorative Lighting

The first thing to concern for the living room decoration is the lighting. You must be known that there is Christmas celebration in winter. Related to that, it will be great if you can provide the lighting installation that bring out Christmas impression. On the following pictures, you will find some different lighting that are possible to install for your winter lighting decoration.

Foliage garland that installed into the ceiling seems really proper. Especially when you add it with the lighting that twisted into the garland. Add with decorative candles for more warm impression.
A classic industrial chandelier looks really awesome with its design. To give more comfort, you can make use your fire place that could be utilize as the lighting as well.

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The decorative candles here are really adorable with the stars shape as the light hollow. Simply put it on the coffee table of your living room and you’ll get the prettiness directly.

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This modern living room use the simple lighting where the small string lamp applied into the rack above the sofa. Moreover, the candles added into the coffee table to create such a warm atmosphere.
This living room decoration has a really simple lighting. The uniqueness of the candle holder used as the vocal point of this room lighting. Then the luxurious chandelier will be the extra value for this decoration.

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Fluffy Rugs

Rugs will be one of the comfort keys when talking about living room. In this case, when the winter comes you need to provide the fluffy rug that has the best warm material. Here, the rug will be able to help your feet to feel the warmth. Then, the comfort will absolutely exist in your living room if you can make your self warm. It is because the key of the comfort in winter is the warm feeling.

The white fur fluffy rug here seems really fit with the living room concept. Here, you can see that the living room has black and white room concept.
Here, the rug has grey and white color combination. If you look at the rug, you can see that it has a really fluffy effect for your feet.
White simple rug to be combined with your grey sofa. Since those two colors are the neutral color, then it is really match each other.

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Black fluffy rug for your neutral color scheme room concept. This rug has a unique form with its tassel so that it won’t have a boring look.
Round warm and fluffy rug seems worthy also. You can apply it if you have the modern or neutral color scheme concept in your living room.

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Decorative Plants

Next, is the greenery! It is no wonder if the greenery can give such a huge impact into a room. It allows your room to have the fresher air and peaceful atmosphere. You know that nature will never fail you to have those kinds of effect so that greenery will be important. In case your living room might won’t have such a wide space, then to provide some small decorative plants will be the right choice.

Cactus can be the best choice for your winter decorative plant. Because cactus can adapt to any weather well and doesn’t need to maintain too often, then it’ll be the best choice.
Here, the living room has so many different plants. It is really awesome if you can provide it since your room will look more fresh and peaceful.
Christmas used as the theme here. You can look at the Christmas tree that stands beautifully into the space near the window.
For you who love something simple, this decorative plant application could be the choice. It only serve three pots located in different spots not to make the room looks crowded.

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This one is such a fresh living room decoration. The big plant in the corner of the room can really bring out the nature impression into the room. With the other additional plants, this room is even more awesome.

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Wall Decoration

The last one is the wall decoration. It is useful to add beauty into your living room. Since the season is winter, then you can provide the ornament that has the relation with the season. Or, if you are confuse on how to bring winter ornament, you can have it with Christmas things.

This wall decoration is really match for you who love the farmhouse or rustic decoration style. The color and the material of the ornaments represent the style really well.
Winter brought into the wall decoration by providing some winter theme paintings. The unfinished touch into the painting frames are really awesome as it brings out the rustic impression.
White Christmas theme comes into this room from the white wreath. This hanging wreath represent the winter and Christmas theme at the same time which is really worthy.
Here, two simple foliage wreaths used to decorate your living room. It is quite worthy since the materials are really affordable and easy to find as you can make it your self.
The wall decoration in this living room might a little bit different with the previous ones. Basically it doesn’t hang but it placed into the shelf which is worthy as well.

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Basically, all of our explanation and picture references above are quite clear. Because of that, you can follow the decoration design that we have provided. Or, if you think that combining two or three decoration designs are really cool, then just simply have it. Don’t forget not to make your decoration looks crowded and consider more into the comfort then the beauty.