Since Christmas has varied things to be used as the decoration objects, then it won’t be difficult to provide the good one. Especially for the yard where you can apply more things than the indoor. It is because the outdoor will have an open space that won’t look too crowded. Even when you apply lot of things there, you will still able to have the glorious one. Here, the effect of the open space is the key of the spacious impression.


Snowman is absolutely the object that can represent Christmas theme. It won’t fail you if you utilize it as your Christmas decoration. Therefore, there are some different materials that you can use to create your snowman. Here, it doesn’t mean that the snowman should be made of snow. Go check out the following references.

The stack of the stones here will be a really durable snowman. Here, you just need to paint the stones then add nose, eyes, and hands by using wire.
Look at how cute the snowman expression here! It even has the ‘brrr’ word to strengthen the expression.
This one will be the cheap and easy snowman. You just need to simply stack the pots from the bigger to the smaller. Then paint the pots in white for the body and black for the hat.
This snowman design doesn’t have the body part, however it still looks really awesome and unique.
The pumpkin won’t only useful for fall decoration, it also can be used to create your snowman. In addition, prepare the other accessories to make your pumpkin snowman looks perfect.

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Reindeer Sled

Reindeer sled will be the other object that can represent Christmas well. In this case, this one might be a little bit expensive but still really worthy. Just like the snowman, the reindeer sled will never fail you to create the glorious outdoor Christmas decoration. Here you can also have plenty of designs to fulfill your decoration needs based on your budget.

Here, the amazing thing will be on gifts that added into the sled. This one is also the glorious one where the sled colored in a classic luxurious way.
Beside with the gifts, this reindeer sled looks more awesome with the pine leaves. As it is known that the pine is really identical with Christmas.
This iron reindeer sled look really simple but still worthy. It is because the impression of this design is luxurious.
This red wooden sled looks identical with Christmas. It even has the lanterns with candles inside.
Simple white wooden reindeer sled will be the cheap one. Because of the material and the simple design, it is quite affordable.

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Santa Clause

Your Christmas won’t be complete without the present of Santa Clause. Here, to bring Santa into your celebration you can do it by providing the ormament into your yard. It will make your guests feel like welcomed by Santa which is really great. Basically there are some Santa ornament choices that you can have. Simply choose the one based on your capacity. Go check out the references below!

Wood Santa craft that you can make the DIY of it. It is really easy since you just need to slice the wood then giving the colors into the wood.
In this decoration, the Santa placed into the letter box. It is quite worthy too because it is located in your very front part of your yard to welcome the guests.
The Santa here made of Balloon that you can purchase from the store. Since the material need to be protected well, then better for you to place it near the door.
This time, the Santa has a different version where it served in couple. For a warm and romantic atmosphere, you can choose it for your yard decoration.
It might be the simplest one compared with the others. Here, you just need to hang the Santa costume and your Santa decoration is ready.

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Christmas Tree

Beside for your indoor decoration, Christmas tree will also proper to be existed for the outdoor decoration. Especially when you can provide the great lighting into your outdoor Christmas tree. It will be surely awesome and glorious as you can really get the spirit of Christmas. The following pictures will show you on how awesome the Christmas tree lighting could be.

Colorful lighting decoration for all trees in the yard where each tree has its own color.
Green Christmas tree concept where the tree given the yellow lamp so that it won’t lose its green shade.
Some small trees in the yard that installed with lighting color combination. It will give the festive impression with the color combination

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Here, the Christmas tree is not made of a real tree. It builds by using wire and iron to form the tree. The lighting installation here is really awesome with three different shade.
A really simple decoration for the outdoor Christmas tree that you can adapt if you don’t have much time to deal with the decoration.

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At the end, it will be great if you can apply all of the basic point ideas from all of our explanation above. Here, you can simply choose one of each point so that you can have a really complete decoration. Anyway, one of the point might be too expensive to have. Then, you can just leave it and find another affordable ideas. Now, it’s time for you to make your own plan for the decoration. Merry Christmas!