21 Cool DIY Garden Bed Ideas for Your Small Garden

Basically there are some ways to decorate your garden, especially in creating the planter. Then, from all of the ideas provided, you can have the garden bed. It will be really useful when you plan to classify the plants you are going to grow. Or, it is also proper for the vegetables that will really give you advantage in classify the veggies. Here are some different garden bed that you can have.

Wooden Material

In this case, wood will be the cheap material and also easy to get. Moreover, wood is also the material that quite flexible and easy to form. You can even create the different forms of the garden bed that won’t be only in square or rectangular form. Go check out these references that will really inspiring you with the designs.

Wood beam cut into the rectangular form to create the high and firm garden bed.
Unique and aesthetic garden bed with the ceiling for the center of the bed design.
His garden bed has a design like a huge pot since it has a high form.
Simple and well-arranged wooden garden bed to grow vegetables.
Stages garden bed with different sizes for the aesthetic look.
Letter L garden bed for each corner of the garden with star form design for the center spot.
Rectangular wooden garden bed that arranged closely to grow some different flowers.
Wood pallet that conjured up to make wooden garden bed with its real natural color.

image source

You can complete your garden bed by applying the wire trellis for the vines plant.

image source

To protect the plants front the animals, this garden bed has the walls with wire.
This garden bed is really creative with the additional pallet stage to put the pots.
Garden bed made of wood beam arranged to form the rectangular shape.
Simple square garden bed that can be utilized to grow vegetables.

image source

Cinder Block Material

If you want to have the other cheap material, you can choose cinder block to make the garden bed. Anyway, it might be different with the wood where you’ll have the limitation to form it. Here, the rectangular or square are the common designs that you can form. For the variation, you can manage the height so that it could give the different accent. Go check the following pictures out.

High cinder block arrangement to create the garden bed with vegetables in it.
Rectangular cinder block garden bed with two different vegetables grow there.
To add the safety of your vegetables from the animals, you can install the net to cover your garden bed.
This rectangular cinder block garden bed has the line to make sure that the plants grow in a symmetric way.
A garden bed that made of cinder block in two stages and in a unique design.

image source

The centre part of the garden bed has the high design where the right and left side has lower form which is really aesthetic.
Growing corn can be really functional where you can do it in the simple cinder block garden bed.

image source

This high and square cinder block form can be really perfect to make the garden bed. Grow some vegetables and flowers there!

image source

When you look at our references above, you find that each of the material has its own benefit. For the wood, you’ll get your freedom on the design but it won’t be as durable as the cinder block. In otherwise, the cinder block has its limitation in the form but it is really durable. Then now, it will be based on your own choice and needs for the material choice. Go get your garden bed now!

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