8 Farmhouse Wall Design Ideas With Wooden Pallet to Make It Look Simple and Classy

The farmhouse wall decor is very close to simplicity, but also classy. Usually if this is identical to old items for home decoration, this time wooden pallet is our topic. Besides the wood grain texture that looks natural, this is also good and easy to stick on the wall. There are some unique shape and design ideas that we have prepared. Of course, this will make the walls of your house look simple and classy.

1. Letter Puzzles Wall Decor

By arranging some pieces of wooden letter puzzles on the wall, you have a creative and classy wall decor. Just combine it with frames, so it looks nicer. While the letters depend on your preference. You can compile them according to your favorite words.


2. Window Wooden Pallet with A Large Star

This wall decor is perfect for you to place in the living room. A window shape design with large star and its accessory is very nice. For the empty wall, just match the shade of paint with the wooden pallet. This idea is significant to create a simple, but classy look for your home.


3.Wooden Watch Wall Decor

Being creative with simplicity is a good idea to be realized. A large wooden watch will fulfill your hope in creating a simple and classy wall decor. Moreover, it is not difficult to have and nice to function as a wall decor. Surely, it will be more suitable to place on the wide wall to look fit.


4. Wooden Wine Bar Shelf

This wooden wine bar display shelf has two functions. First, this is a useful wine storage. Second, it is nice as the wall decor for your home. By adding a pottery plant and frame it impresses everyone who enjoys.


5. Wooden Mirror Wheels Wall Decor

Wooden Pallet can also present as a wall decor in shaping of mirror wheels. It really reflects the simplicity and the atmosphere of the farmhouse. The presentation is simple but looks so elegant and classy. Just combine it with console table and others to support its look.


6. Wooden Pallet Photo Frame

Some pieces of wooden pallet can be a very nice frame for your wedding photo. The way to make it is easy as simple its look. This idea of wall decor is really nice and recommended for you. Nice, huh!


7. Wooden Calendar Wall Decor

It’s such a unique and creative wooden calendar wall decor. The vertical shape design fits to put on the small space wall. It can be near by the door or other spaces you want. Besides, the wooden pallet and gunny yarns are really a farmhouse look.


8. Wooden Letters Wall Decor

A collection of wooden pallets you can combine with letters become a nice wall decor. This idea really presents the atmosphere of a farmhouse with simplicity and classy look in your home. Just try to copy it and you will love it!


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