22 Genius Small Apartment Decor To Be Big Space

In general, the apartment space is not as big as the room in the house. But you can decorate your apartment space in such a way. So it will look free and broad. Furthermore, special skills are needed to be able to use space. Here, choosing the right interior design and furniture is important to note. There are several ideas about interior design contained in this article. So, you can use it as an illustration of apartment space design.

The choice of bright colors will give a broad impression for each room. For example, if you choose to use a white base, you can add any color there. But for those of you who like purity, white will look alive with a combination of black. You can add furniture colors with bright colors or place greenery in the corner of your room. Furthermore, the lamp will be very useful to be a source of lighting at night. As a result, the color will provide softness in it.

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