8 Best Lighting Design Ideas To Make Your Backyard More Beautiful

Lighting is not only needed for the interior, but also exterior. Especially for backyard, at night the light is very important. In addition, the existence of lighting to beautify the backyard. There are string lamps, lantern, and fireplace design with LED light. For more detail, just check these best lighting ideas below.

1. String Lamps and Fireplace

The combination of string lamps and fireplace is a nice thing to beautify the backyard. Not only that, it gives warm atmosphere as well. Then, place some wooden chairs with pillows. It allows you to enjoy the night perfectly in the backyard.


2. String Lamps and LED Light

If there is a big tree in the backyard. Just beautify it with string lamps to have the best lighting at night. In addition, LED light on the fence is also nice. Feel comfortable and warm when you are here.


3. String Lamps and Bulbs

To beautify your backyard at night you can hang the string lamps on the tree. Besides, bulbs in the canopy really support the best lighting for your backyard. This idea is simple, but awesome to have.


4. Sparkling Light and Candles

Bright and attractive lighting you can have by putting the sparkling lights on the tree. Combine it with candles on the table to make it more beautiful. Stay in this place for long time will never bored.


5. Hanging Lanterns on the Tree

The quiet atmosphere with the lights and some candles is very nice. You can also add some decorations to make the backyard looks more beautiful. Comfy rattan chairs and the cradle will help you enjoy this place atmosphere perfectly.


6. String Lamps and LED Light

Placing LED lights near by the plants is pretty. Then, to make your backyard more bright and attractive, you can put on the trees full of string lamps. Because there are three trees that full of light, the lighting is brighter.


7. Hanging Lanterns on the Trees

As the previous idea, hanging the lanterns on the tree is very nice to do. For simplicity, you can put a lamp in a round rattan. then you can hang it on a tree. and you can also put lights on the ground to make it brighter. add a seat also to be a place to relax that you will visit often


8. Lights On The Dangling Tree

For this last picture. You can replace the lamp with a dangling rope to make it look simple. but will still light up your garden. Also add some decorations so it doesn’t look boring


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