20 DIY Storage For Storing Your Shoes

Are you keen on collecting shoes? It’s a good idea since shoes can support our performance. If you are a shoes collector you surely know which model and material of shoes is the best. It’s possible for a shoes collector to have hundreds pair of shoes. But, the problem is that how to manage those shoes in order to make it clean and our home gets tidy.Shoes are usually stored in a shoes shelf. But, if we have lots of shoes, it will be impossible if we have many shoes shelves at home since it will spend much space. We have to think more to make DIY shoes storage for space saving. 

The first example we can try is storing shoes in the selves. These two models ease us to find the shoes we are looking for. Then, we can make a shoes storage from pieces of used pipe that are arranged into a trangle or square shape and we put the shoes into it. This odea is extremely unique and smart. For you girls who are still confused of storing your high heels, you may apply a wooden slot which is stuck on the wall. Thus, you can hang the heels on the slot. If we want to make a rustic shoes shelf, we can make it from used wood. Moreover, for those who like a modern design at home, you can make a spinning around shoes shelf that will load more shoes and it is absolutely stylish. For more ideas, you can check these shoes storage ideas below.

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