8 Unique Ideas for Adding Candles to Your Festive Christmas Decor

If you love candles and like to decorate your space with candles, this article will give you some unique ideas to your home decor for Christmas. As we know, there are so many ways to jazz up a candle display. And candles are not only provide mood lighting and create an atmosphere, they also look good especially if you have a dead space in a room. If you are not sure how to decorate it, you can simply throw a few candles together that create an aesthetically pleasing display.

There are variety of candle display nowadays. But if you need a unique one, all you need is a creativity. You can use a china teacup and saucer or using wood to add a rustic charm to your old candle display. Glass vases and jars are also ideal for displays. Check out these 8 unique ideas of candle display to copy this Christmas below.

1. Evergreen Candle

image source

Combine natural textures with a welcoming warmth of candlelight by putting a pillar candle inside a glass container surrounded with greenery.

2. Stair-Step Pillar Candles

image source

Create a simple, classic candle display by arrange the pillar candles in varying heights just like in the picture above. This is a perfect display that looks great on your mantel or even your table.

3. Candle Inside The Clear Glass

image source

A tray with a candle inside the clear glass hurricane stands tall amidst small vessels filled with water and a single flower or sprig of foliage. Add color and sparkle by adding red metallic florist’s picks and loose silver ornaments.

4. Mix and Match

image source

Group some candles and holders with similar colors but different shapes and sizes and add a collection of wintry branches for a forest-inspired shapes.

5. Bowls

image source

Put a candle in a different shapes and sizes of bowls and put it in the staircase. It can also become an extra lighting in the night.

6. Metal Tray

image source

Light up your space with a simple group of candles on a metal tray.

7. Chair

image source

Put a set of tray with a pillar candles with an icy wreath on a chair for a creative welcoming scene.

8. Canning Jars

image source

A canning jar is never go wrong. Add a candle in the canning jar and tie a colorful ribbon to add more beauty and color.

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