8 Beautiful Christmas Flower Arrangements to Brighten Up The Space

If you need a pretty flower arrangements for your holiday decor, then you come to the right article. Making your own flower arrangement just like a pro is easy as long as you know the tips. When you get home after buying the flowers, out it in water as soon as possible. Don’t forget to cut an inch off the stems using a sharp knife to help the stems absorb water better.

Leave the flower in the warm water for a day or two before using them because it will helps tightly closed flower heads especially for roses or ranunculus. To keep the flowers in the place and constantly hydrated and last longer, use foam. Recut stems just before adding them to the arrangement. Now check out these 8 Christmas flower arrangements to brighten up your space below and have a merry Christmas.

1. Poinsettia

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Poinsettia is the queen of the Christmas plants. So place is in a pretty pot such as this silver pot to show off the sparkle.

2. Paperwhites with Twigs & Cedar Sprigs

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If you want a French country vintage style, choose a paper whites with twigs and flowing sprigs of cedar to create a perfect display for any mantel, shelf or even sofa table.

3. White Parrot Tulips and Fern

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Play off the chartreuse stripes of parrot tulips by adding Plumosa fern and snippets of spruce at the base in a metallic silver tray to make unusual colors of Christmas flower arrangement.

4. Two-Toned Amaryllis with Greenery

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Display the blooming of long stems of amaryllis in a tall, simple but elegant pitcher or vase with various evergreen sprigs like spruce and holly. You can also accessorize it with vintage ornaments, bows and keepsake tea towel.

5. White Roses and Pine

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Fill your vase with a simple and sweet roses and pieces of pine.

6. Hydrangea & Eucalyptus

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A fluffy hydrangeas, fresh eucalyptus and crisp snapdragon will be your gorgeous Christmas flower arrangements this year. To keep hydrangeas fresh, store them in medium light at temperatures below 70 degrees.

7. Winterberry & Amaryllis Arrangement

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Most Christmas decoration is full with red and green. So make a simple flower arrangement with red amaryllis, tulips and winterberries. Expose amaryllis to bright light as much as possible to keep it fresh.

8. Cymbidium Orchid

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A fresh and bright color of cybidium orchid helps lift the winter blues, that is why this long-lasting breed of orchid is perfect for winter. Water them weekly and put it in a place with a bright light.

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