8 Adorable Rain Chain Ideas to Replace Your Downspouts

Paintings and statues are some example of ornamental that is an important part of decorating your home garden. You can also expand your decorating options by adopting a simple philosophy “accomplishing a necessary function in an aesthetically pleasing way’. A decorative alternatives to traditional metal or plastic downspouts that also have a philosophy looks is a rain chains. Rain chains are come in variety of styles but all of it still have the same practical purpose: directing rainwater from rooftop gutters away from the house and to the ground or to a storage vessel.

Rain chains offer the benefit of being visually pleasing water features which enhance your home’s appearance. Rain chains originate in Japan and they are called ‘kusari-doi’, or ‘chain gutter’ and it were created to adorn teahouses. Some garden supply shops offer rain chains for purchase, but they are also easy to make and customize at home. Now check out these 8 adorable rain chain ideas to replace your downspouts below to inspire you.

1. Ombre Rain Chain

image source

This rain chain project is incorporating miniature terracotta pots in a gradient of different shades of color; blue. The great thing about it is the possibilities for customizing color schemes and decorative designs on the pots are endless.

2. Stone Rain Chain

image source

A polished stones wrapped into the links of a chain using thin wire and this rain chain is ready. You can also replace the stone with shells or even crystals.

3. Copper Tubing Rain Chain

image source

This rain chain is using a recycled lengths of copper tubing that helps direct even heavy rainfalls safely away from the house, and the oversized rings of copper create an appealing water feature.

4. Fork and Spoon Rain Chain

image source

Incorporate your old fork and spoon to make a gorgeous rain chain just like in the picture above. The tines of the forks are bent to create the chain, adding whimsical appeal.

5. Ring Rain Chain

image source

This ring rain chain is reminiscent of those featured in early Japanese teahouse.

6. Stacked Mini Planter Pots Rain Chain

image source

The water will cascade attractively from flower pot to flower pot in this rain chain featuring stacked miniature planters.

7. Ceramic Rain Chain

image source

The water streaming over the edges is pleasing to the eye and ear, making this ceramic rain chain a great conversation piece as well as a practical tool.

8. Stacked Copper Buckets

image source

The large decorative pot at the floor serves as an intriguing visual contrast to the sleek copper buckets that make up the chain, and this interplay of metal and ornate ceramic provides timeless style.

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