8 Festive Porch Decorations To Welcome Your Guests This Christmas

It is a must to make your Christmas unforgettable. And all you can do is decorate your space with beautiful, heartwarming decorations. When thinking about Christmas decoration, porch area is the the first area of your home that the guests will see. So you need to create a welcoming and festive decoration, especially for Christmas.

There are so many ways to decorate your porch, all of it is depend on the style that you choose. You can buy the ornaments or stuff that you need. Or if you have much time before Christmas, bring your sense of art by making a DIY projects. DIY is the best option for you who likes the ‘one-of-a-kind’ decorations and yes, it is easy and on a budget. Now check out these 8 festive porch decorations to welcome your guests this Christmas. Enjoy!

1. All-Out Wreath

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This three wreaths with bushes and a giant bow will look nice with your big door. This Christmas decoration will really make your neighbors jealous.

2. Hanging Christmas Baskets

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This decoration is a sophisticated way to frame your porch entryway. Copy this decoration only with a little greenery, lights and some Christmas ornaments.

3. Classic Garland with Red Bows

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Try to combine the green garland, white Christmas lights and red bow to decorate the railing. This is a simple but eye-catching decor that you can make especially if your railing is quite spacious. You can also carry it indoor; above the windows, at the stairs, etc.

4. Wrapped Pillars with Lantern-Lit Steps

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Wrap your pillar with garlands and place the lanterns on the steps to create an inviting entryway that leads your guest to the front door and you can personalize it to suit your needs.

5. Galvanized Buckets

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Prepare a small galvanized buckets and make a simple decorations to the bucket with a chalk pen and fill it with greenery, lighting and anything that you want and put it on your porch steps. You can also use this to decorate your indoor space.

6. Easy Christmas Ornament Obelisk

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Make this DIY Christmas tree with a wire frame and decorate it with lights and ornaments.

7. A Stack Of Gifts

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Wrap some boxes with a brown paper, add some greenery and a bow, stack it, and this simple but charming idea is ready to be displayed on your porch.

8. Paper Snowflake Strings

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If you want a minimalist decoration, this paper snowflake is the one for you. All you need is just a plain white paper (a weather resistant paper is better), fold it, and cut it. You can use a specialty stencils for a more uniform look. This project is also great to make with your kids.

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