23 Garden Path Designs for Summer Style

The right time to spend your free day on your garden is on the summer where the sun shines so warm and the plants look exuberant. Therefore, preparing your best garden design is really needed as you will enjoy your day with your family and friends during the summer. Don’t forget to design something practical than only put forward for something artistic.

To create a proper garden, you need to install a path into it so that you can move here and there easily without damaging your garden plants. Design the path based on your needs! You can install the path to reach the areas of the garden that commonly used and stepped on. For the path material, there are some possible materials that you can choose based on your taste or budget. Let’s say rocks as the simplest material where you can apply it by simply distribute it without any adhesive. For others possible materials, please check the pictures we have collected below. Hope you can be inspired!

image source

image source

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