41 Best Ways to Make Easy Fall Décor with Leaves

The falling leaves that you see during fall are great materials for easy decorations. Dry, yellow (or sometimes red) leaves are perfect for DIY fall décor projects. You can place them around the interior to make sure your house gets the fall upgrade.

Here are several easy projects you can tackle easily.

A bouquet of leaves is hung on the wall
Colorful autumn leaves decoration
Autumn leaves affixed to a white pumpkin
Paper leaves as a birthday cake decoration
Coral flower from deciduous leaves
Deciduous leaves as a plate
Deciduous string lights for decoration as stairs
Deciduous leaves in addition to decorating the front door of the house
Branches combined with hung leaves
Dry leaves are in the form of letters and are used as decoration
Dry leaves are used as containers
Wall decoration using leaves on paper
Lamp jar added with dried leaves
Wall decorations use leaves
Dried leaves that are shaped like trees in a wooden board
Hanging decoration with sparkling leaves
Flower decoration from dried leaves
Hedgehogs have feathers from dried leaves
Leaf bouquets for door decorations
Dried leaves as a beautiful hanging decoration
Dried leaves used as paintings on the wall

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Dried leaves as the front decoration of the house
Dry leaves fall off as a painting on the wall
Jar as a lamp coupled with deciduous leaves
Dry leaves for extra wax decoration
Autumn leaves are used for table decoration
Simple decoration with dry leaves
Motifs of autumn leaves on the lights
Dried leaves become a dining room ornament
Candles are added with dried leaves
Dining room with dried leaves hanging on lights
Dry leaves in a glass vase
Hanging decoration with fallen leaves
Bottle decoration plus dried leaves
Simple autumn decoration
Beautiful autumn decoration
Glass decoration plus the dried leaves inside
Dried leaves are shaped like flowers as decoration

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