20 DIY Wooden Thanksgiving Decorations You Can Try

Thanksgiving is coming very soon! It’ll be fun to do some thanksgiving decoration into your home to make it feel more memorable. You can manage to make a creative project to create your DIY thanksgiving decoration and be satisfied by your own taste. The point is that create something that will make your home ambience into a warm and welcoming feeling as you will celebrate it with your beloved family members.

There are some materials that you can use to make your thanksgiving DIY project, the easiest is the wooden material as you can found some unused pallet everywhere. Create a board ornament and write some quote that suitable with Thanksgiving moment. You can also create a ‘Give Thanks’ sign and display it a month as a reminder that your gratitude should be ongoing. A door greeting will be great that is made of chalkboard paint, add autumn branches and bittersweet berries for a seasonal finish. Here we have a complimentary image that it is simple to cut or transfer to your favorite Thanksgiving decoration. Hope you like it!

image source

image source

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