Organize your hundred stuffs in the garage is challenging indeed. Although your garage is not the main room to visit at home, it must be clean and well-organized. Additionally, to make it tidy, you need some storages to organixe your tools and electrical equipments so that the garage gets cozy. But, if you think it will cost more money, you can use your creativity to make some DIY garage storage projects by yourself. Thus, you can make them as you need. The material like wooden, plastic, and pipe below will inspire you on this project. Enjoy!

Wooden Projects

As we all know that wood is the easy material to make any DIY projects because it is cheap and easily-found material. Wooden racks or shelves are the examples of garage storage that are effective to organize your stuffs like screwdrivers, shovels, brooms, and some electricity equipments. Also, you can place the wooden racks or shelves on the wall to maximize the space.

Wooden shelf that is used to arrange your electronic stuffs to keep your garage clean.
A creative wooden shelf to organize your stuffs.
Large wooden cabinet to save your stuffs that will keep your garage looks neat and tidier.
Wooden hooks that can be usef to organize your shovel and broom. This kind of rack is appropriate to store all long handle stuffs
Standing wooden rack that is very useful to organize your stuffs in garage
A-design wooden rack that is creative to arrange andnorganize your stuffs in the garage
Simple wooden shelves to arrange your screwdrivers become neat in your garage.

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Pipe Storage

Next DIY garage storage is made of pipe. PVC pipes are the famous pipe commonly used. You can make some small holes on the pipe to place your screwdrivers. On the other hands, you can cut a PVC pipe into pieces to store some long holder tools vertically. Moreover, you can even make a bicycle holder from a pipe that will effectively save your space.

Standing pipe crafts with hokes to organize your screwdrivers
Pipe holders make your garage more well-organized
Hook with pipe that usable for put your small stuffs
Creative pipe craft tp organize your drill stuffs
A huge pipe hook to hang your bicycle. It also saves your space

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DIY pipe storage for your small stuffs. It becomes your great solution for tidier garage
PVC pipe hanging storage to organize your tools.

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Plastic Storage

The last but not least is DIY garage storage idea made of plastic. Plastic wall mounted storage gets your garage tidier because it provides you some boxes to store small stuffs like nuts and bolts. In addition, large plastic containers can help you to store your big stuffs. Get some to accomodate your stuffs and heap them vertically to save the spare space.

A plastic wall mounted storage will be useful to arrange your tools in garage.
Big plastic containers to store your stuffs.
Transparent plastic containers that are arranged vertically ease you to find the stuffs you need
Tiny plastic storage box to arrange your nuts and bolts.
Plastic cabinet which is practically store your stuffs
Transparent plastic containers which are arranged in a rack make your garage more comfortable
plastic containers put high on the ceiling to save space.

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For those whose garage is tiny, be creative to make brilliant storages on the ceiling. This up high area will be effective to maximize your minimal space. Thus, your garage will look comfortable and tidy. Don’t forget to think about garage door design to support you ideas and make your space more safe.

Just be smart and enjoy your projects!