When talking about your Christmas celebration, beside the living room and dining room, kitchen will be one of the important rooms to decorate. It is because you will definitely use the kitchen to prepare your serving for the guests. In hence, if you could bring the Christmas spirit into your kitchen, then it will be really great. Moreover, you will feel the holy atmosphere of Christmas when cooking which is really worthy to have.

Simple Decoration

For you who live in a modern city and have the modern home decoration with its simplicity, these references will fit you a lot. Here, we have some decoration ideas by using simple things. Moreover, the application will only in two or three spots with small things. In this case, you have to be able to choose the right ornament. It means that even only in a simple one but it allows you to have the Christmas spirit.

If you have dining table in the kitchen, then simply decorate it. For the simple one, put pine leaves into the iron can.
Stick red and green ribbons into your kitchen cabinet. Here, the simple things could beautify your kitchen well.
Your white kitchen theme will match well with something simple.In hence, to bring out Christmas spirit, simply put mini Christmas tree and garland above the stove.
In case your kitchen has a window, you can decorate it by using the stars. It is really simple pretty at the same time.
Look at how pretty the combination between your wooden kitchen furniture with the pine leaves. In addition, the red plaid napkin gives you another Christmas touch.
This simple wreath is really worthy for your simple decoration. Here, the wreath made of pine cone that colored in white to create snow illusion.
Not only by using ornament, you can also use your cooking ware to give the Christmas touch. Simply paint it by using the proper colors that represent Christmas theme.

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In this decoration, the use of the ornament is quite festive, but because of the colors used then it still looks simple.
Your kitchen island could be the spot that can be decorated. Here, the decoration only use the green leaves and pine cones.
The Christmas garland applied into the window is really effective to give your kitchen Christmas touch.

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Festive Decoration

Beside for the simple one, here we also serve you with the festive decoration. We do this to make sure that for you who love something colorful and glorious can also find ideas here. However, something festive won’t only about something colorful. You can even create the festive decoration with one or two shades. Here, what you need to do is applying things here and there so that the kitchen looks festive.

This kitchen decoration is really great with the use of red and green color combination. Moreover, here the decoration using both the ornament and cooking ware.
This green decoration concept can be really festive. Although the color that used is in green color but since the application is in luxurious stuff then it looks festive.
It is no wonder that red is the festive color so that when you apply it for your Christmas decoration it will work well. The curtain, napkin, and other red kitchen stuffs are those that you can decorate.

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This time, the decoration is really glorious so that it could be festive automatically. However, the things used here are quite expensive but trust me that it is worthy to have.
The color combination used here is really in varied. Moreover, the applications are also in wide range. Without any doubt, this decoration is really festive.
The small things here and there in red color are really cute and pretty. You can have it as your festive Christmas decoration which is really worthy.

The application of the wreath here and there quite festive. Although you only apply the same thing in the same color, but the amount and the size make it looks festive.
This festive decoration made by applying the mini Christmas trees, colorful leaves, and decorative candles. The variation of the ornament can bring out the festive look directly.
In case you don’t have much time to look for some ornament, the simply applying the string lamp can bring out the festive look automatically.
Here, the bells that made into garland is really awesome. You can apply it into your kitchen window. Then, to strengthen the Christmas impression, put some mini Christmas trees.

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At the end, whether it is simple or festive, you can just simply choose it based on your taste. You don’t need to worry because both are pretty and awesome with its own characteristic. Anyway, in choosing the decoration, you might also need to consider to some other things. For example, you should consider on your kitchen space because the narrow space can’t be decorated with too much ornament. It is because your kitchen will look even more narrow.