Nowadays, drinking coffee is like the habit and routine for us. Whereas, to enjoy the coffee in the bar or cafe will waste your money. That is why, to have your own coffee bar in your home is really worthy. In this case, you don’t need to prepare too wide space since you can have the mini one. You don’t need to be worried because the narrow space will be enough for your own mini coffee bar.

Modern Style

In case you have the modern home style, the to provide the same mini coffee bar style is a great choice. It is because you can have the harmonious look for your whole home decoration. In hence, don’t forget to apply the neutral colors into your modern mini coffee bar to bring the modern impression. For the material, you can still use the wood as long as you can manage the modern touches to be the dominant for the decoration.

White can also represent the modern style. Anyway, with the wood material provided here, the modern look can have its warm impression.
All white small coffee bar that will give you such a clean and sleek modern style.
Black and white mini bar concept that will be really match with the style going to bring.
This black fierce mini coffee bar has its creative impression with the chalkboard display.
Red and white mini bar which is fierce yet appealing for you who has the flaring up soul.

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White marble base for your really mini bar that looks sleek even more with the ceramic wall.
All black mini coffee bar concept with the statements written on the wall by using chalk.
Black furniture combined with beige wall, white cup, and the colorful one not to make the decoration looks boring.
All brown mini coffee bar concepr which is really simple that also combined with brown wooden table for the calming effect.
White mini bar concept to be placed in black wall as the background that can show you the real modern impression.

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Farmhouse Style

Besides for the modern style that has the rigid and simple impression, there is the farmhouse style for the warm and classic one. In this case, it is quite easy to create the farmhouse impression as long as you can provide the wood furniture material. Moreover, you can also have it by using the old iron material. The main point is that, the farmhouse style has the rural style impression as follows.

Dark brown wooden mini bar concept with the old style where wood doesn’t polished.

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Look at the wooden open cabinet this mini bar has. With the old look, you can really bring the farmhouse impression here.
The hanging cabinet in this mini coffee bar has the different color with the standing cabinet. However, it still looks really great with the color combination,
White wooden cabinet and shelf for the mini coffee bar with unfinished touch for the farmhouse impression,
A really great touches for the farmhouse mini coffee bar with its unfinished furniture concept.
The wood material used here doesn’t given any touches so that it has the real nature look.
Dark brown plywood material for the coffee bar cabinet that has the sleek appearance.
A really rustic table with the addition of the rattan basket and bottle cover looks really classic yet farmhouse.
The rattan cabinets under the bench cabinet are really arranged well. Then, the rack that made of old iron also effective to create the farmhouse look.
Red rack table in wooden material combined with black wooden hanging rack match really well for the color combination.
The wood material that used for the bar and the chalkboard frame has the same wood type which is really harmonious.

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Anyway, whether modern or farmhouse, you can simply choose the one that match with your home decoration. Or, you can adjust it with your personal taste. It will be really fun to have your own coffee bar. You can even invite your friends to have a cup of coffee with you while talking about things. At last, go get your mini coffee bar preparation and enjoy your coffee!