In case you want to decorate your garden in not boring look, you have to provide some different planters at once for your garden. From all of the planters, the garden trellis can be the best choice for you especially when you grow the vines in your garden. Here, the garden trellis will make your vines to live beautifully. Anyway, there are some different materials that you can use to grow the vines but here we’ll show you the wooden and iron.

Wooden Material

Wood will be the affordable material and really easy to find for the garden trellis. Moreover, it is also easy to form so that you can get designs into whatever shape that you want. Again, you can adjust the design based on your garden or spot condition where you’ll apply the trellis. For the designs, you can have from the simple to the complicated one. Here are some examples of the proper designs you can have.

Wooden trellis that lean back to the white wall for the vines.
White painted wooden trellis that lean back to the dark brown wall to grow the colorful flowers.
Three wooden trellis in the same size and shape arranged in a line to grow the vines.
Wooden trellis lean back to the wooden fence to beautify the roses that grow in the ground.
White wooden trellis that look like windows to grow the white vines flower.
Dark brown wooden trellis applied into the wooden planter to be the medium of the vines flower.
The trellis that made of dark brown wood and wire that combined together.
This rustic trellis style made of dried twig which is really adorable and unique.
A neat wooden trellis in clean look that applied into the white planter.
Black wooden trellis that merges with the black wooden fence.
Wooden trellis in cone shape for a unique appearance to really beautify your garden.

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Iron Material

As the garden trellis, the iron can be the durable material since it will be applied in the outdoor area. So that here, iron is the best choice in case you prefer to the durability than the appearance. Thing that you should know is that the iron will be a little bit difficult to be formed into the designs that you want. Moreover, it is also expensive compared with the wood.

Red iron trellis that combined with wire to be the plug for the vines.
Black wire trellis that shaped like a dome to grow watermelon.
Red unique iron trellis that will give different accent for your garden to grow vegetables.
Round yellow iron trellis for a really stand out look. Moreover, it is also really unique for your garden.
The iron here combines with wire net that shaped like a home for your garden trellis.
Bike wheels look really unique and aesthetic to be used as the garden trellis.
The iron managed to have the dome shape, then it is added with the wire to be the plant propagation.
Black iron trellis that shaped in a house form that can be both the vines propagate and the planter rack at the same time.
Simple iron trellis that combined with the wire for a really affordable trellis design.
Black iron trellis to grow the flowers with different color for each trellis. Here, the trellis have the different height adjusted with the needs.
Black iron trellis added with circles pattern in several different colors and sizes for the pretty look.
Black iron trellis that formed in aesthetic and classic look which is really match for the red flowers.

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Besides for the price, durability, and the ease of the materials, in choosing the right one for you you can also adjust it based on the style. In case you have the farmhouse or rustic garden style or at least exterior decoration style, then it is better for you to use wood. In otherwise, you can choose the iron if you have the modern style.