Rustic emphasizes on the using of wood. So that the house will be designed naturally. The house looks classic but still elegant and stylish. This house concept also uses rough wood for any furniture. Unfinished wood, unpainted wood, and using no polyester are the characteristics of rustic decoration. Rustic brings house becomes more unique and has a special farmhouse characteristic as well. Let us take some example to design a house with rustic concept.

If you get a sofa for the living room, you can replace it with wooden chair. Then, apply some photo frames on the wall is a good idea. Some shelves made from wood can be the supporting furniture. For the dining room, you also can replace your dining table with wooden table. The ethnic ornaments can also be applied on the wall to add to nuance of rustic at home. The next interesting thing is about lamps or lighting. It is possible to find an old lantern. Absolutely, it does not need any polyester or finishing. If you want to have more examples of rustic decorations, check these items below!

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