Designing a bathroom is as interesting as designing a home. A beautiful cozy bathroom makes you feel relaxed. Everybody surely dreams a luxury bathroom without spend much space. Nowadays, there are some designs to inspire you in designing a bathroom.

Bathtub is the point of a bathroom. What is being focused of a bathtub is the placement and the design. Then, applying white ceramic for the whole floor and painting the wall with white color make clear and light impression. Completing bathroom with a large mirror will add the nuance of stylish despite it makes bathroom larger. It is important also to think about the storage. Providing storage to make all the utensils and goods tidy is a must.  Furthermore, the tapware plays a vital role. Choosing a bathroom tapware should think not only the function but also the model, type, and aesthetic aspect. Here are some samples of cozy marvelous bathroom you may take as your inspiration.

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