Typically, a house must have room space that is used to gather with family, friends, or relatives. Patio is a comfortable place that is now a complement in modern buildings. In general, the patio is a mini paradise on the back of the house. Many serve as a place to eat or just relax. Basically, the needs of a patio in the family are different. So you need several complementary units in building a patio. A case, furniture, fire place, greenery, and also lighting. Here are some cheap and easy furniture ideas. And will help you in making your patio more inviting.

DIY Furniture

The easiest way to fill a patio is to provide a set of chairs. Now many architectures that utilize pallets in making seating. Besides making the patio more inviting. The pallet chair also fits the budget. You only need a little skill in arranging and designing it. Until it becomes an amazing work.

Diy unique pallet sofa ideas with light gray color to make your patio more inviting.
Diy wooden pallet sofa ideas with additional foam to make you sit more comfortable
Elegant palette sofa ideas make outdoor decor even more attractive
A set of pallet sofas with L design that makes your patio more enchanting
The idea of ​​a comfortable palette sofa and some cushion that makes the sofa more stylish
Even without foam, this stylish pallet chair makes the patio attractive because it looks natural
A palette sofa with a maximum size makes your garden more inviting and comfortable for anyone

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Fire Place

No less important in a patio is the existence of a fire place. To protect you and your family from the cold. You need a protection when in the open area. One of them is fire place. Fire place design can be adjusted with the design of your patio building.

Amazing fireplace idea with a minimalist set of fire places and some rattan chairs facing the open air.
Beautiful fireplace design with light colored natural stone. Which arrangement with some modern minimalist style furniture.
With the size of a wide fireplace, it will produce warm temperatures in the middle of your family
A fireplace design resembles a statue into a central icon in the design of a patio
Patio increasingly characterized by the design of a fireplace that is different from usual
Design a cool simple fireplace surrounded by a bench made of natural stone

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Decorative Lighting

To maximize the beauty of a patio in fact days. Then you need a little beautiful lighting. The presence of a lamp will make the atmosphere more romantic and inviting. The beauty of a lighting you can get by adding a few string lamps, and standing lamps.

Simple string lights that decorate the hue of your patio ceiling make it even more romantic
Even though it’s a backyard garden, making it even more sparkling is a good idea
Think glamorous by filling the patio roof with inviting string lamps
Simple and on target with the following string lamp designs
Many install LED lights can help you create a romantic atmosphere on your patio
Not simple anymore, the presence of string lamps and several other lights make the atmosphere more festive

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Completeness of a patio is a little greenery. The design of a patio should pay attention to the design of greenery. You can make greenery using several different types of plants. So that a garden in a patio space will look complex.

Add greenery with different colors to make your patio more attractive.
Some green plants to make your patio inviting than before.
Big plants produce the best atmosphere around your patio.
Blooming flower make your patio more inviting and create a festive atmosphere.
Green plant with white flower produce the natural ways.
Modern patio with some trees to produce fresh atmosphere around the patio.

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The presence of a patio will give other dimension of in a house building. And make sure you have a comfortable residence. Even if you need a place to relax, the patio can be an option. In addition, you will spend a lot of time with family there. Because the patio will be the second place you gather with family. So it is not uncommon if some patios are designed to resemble a family room. Even has the same facilities as a family room.