Do you plan to make a surprize for your daughter by redecorate her beloved bedroom? Have you some inspiration to make a lovely bedroom? We will discuss how to make a creative and lovely bedroom for teenegers.

Teenegers love a bright colorful color. It’s better for you to select some soft calm color to paint the wall. Some bright color or pinkish are usually be the best choices. It’s also possible to use wallpaper and wall sticker since it will be easier to change depends on what teens desire. It can’t be denied that teenegers have a lot of stuff. For girls, having a lot of girly stuff is like having a lot of treasure. Put common furniture such as bed, a seat set, and storage. Storage is usefull to store their stuff. It must be good and strong enough. Place the bed in the middle of wall so it can be accessed from any side. There are supporting ornaments to beautify the bedroom like dolls, big pillow, lamps, painting or photo frames. The ornaments and furniture will be better if they are colorful. It affects teenegers’ mood and inspiration. So, while they are laying down in the bedroom, they are also able to get some inspiration from an adorable bedroom design.

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