When Christmas come, everyone flocked to decorate their homes into Christmas theme. Commonly people decorating the living room, dining room, kitchen or porch but not with the bedroom. It is caused by the reason where bedroom is an individual room as you can skip to add the Christmas decoration because we celebrate Christmas with family and friends, not alone in the bedroom. However, if you wish to bring the Christmas spirit into your room, then let’s make it comes true.

Just like the other rooms’ Christmas decoration, in decorating your bedroom you can also use the nature materials like foliage, pine, twig, etc. The front door DIY wreath will be perfect to be applied on your bedroom door, if you need something more, add a lamp rope into the wreath or around your door. For the inside, you can put some DIY decorative candles above your desk or beside the night lamp. You can make the DIY candles by using cinnamon, or foliage that stick around the candle holder. Change your bed linen and curtain into white color to give the Christmas and winter impression at the same time. Put down a small Christmas tree in order you need something extra for your Christmas bedroom. The images below will give you some more ideas, keep on looking!

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