Macramé is an art of knotting strings to make a set of patterns, which then can be used as décor. Mainly placed on the wall, a macramé wall décor is an artistic décor that can make your room more beautiful and appealing.

But if you’re still new in making macramé, you might want to make some simple designs first. Luckily, these 25+ DIY macramé designs got you covered.

Colorful wall hangings made of cloth that are hung and added with pom poms
White wall hangings made of fabric
White rope formed like a curtain
White cloth used as wall decoration
White rope used as decoration
The colorful rope hung on the wall as decoration
Wall decoration with fabric and yellow flowers
Wall decoration with white ropes that are shaped nicely
White and blue rope knitted ornaments
Blue knit laces for walls
Beautiful colorful knitting rope
White knit rope as a wall decoration
Wall decoration with a very good knitting rope
Garnish with a patterned white strap
Rope decoration is fastened on wood and has beautiful motifs
Garnishes made of rope that are shaped like leaves for wall decoration
White cords are formed and used as wall hangings
White knitted rope for wall decoration
A white knit rope ornament that has a beautiful motif
Cool white and blue knit cords
White knit rope used as wall decoration
Wall decoration with white knit rope
Round wall decoration coupled with white rope
White multi level string decoration for walls
White and red string decoration
Knit laces that have striped motifs
White strap decoration with feathers added
The decoration is hanging from a rope and has a motif
Wall decoration with a string that is turned by the sound

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