It is something common when you have so many unused mason jars in your house. It is because you might get it from the herbs and any other other seasoning. Here, the thing that you should understand that you can make use of the jars to create something useful. In this case you can manage to design it for your decoration needs or other functional things such as the container.

To have the adorable design of it, you should add it with some other materials. Moreover, you should combine between the materials with the jar to reach the design that you want. Basically you can use any materials that you want, however, it will be great if you can manage to have those that have the same concept with your home style.

Mason jar vase that hung into the old unused wooden window.
All white mason jar craft design to be used as the cotton and cotton bud container.
Chandelier mason jar for a really glorious lighting.
Creative tissue jar made of mason jars that decorated into several different designs.
Fairy lighting craft by using the small string lamp and mason jars.
Pretty mason jar vase that painted and added with family member picture for a really sweet treat.
This blue mason jar looks unique with the jute rope. You can utilize it to be any purposes such as vase, container, or fairy light.
This table lamp looks anti mainstream with the mason jar as the base.
This fairy light seems so cute and awesome while added with sea sheels.
By adding the glitter, you can have such a glorious lighting by only using the mason jar.
Hanging decorative candles with mason jars that hung by using the chain.
The red candies look perfect with the Santa mason jar decoration.
Succulent that grows into the mason jars as the planter for a really affordable planter.

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Decorative candles in several different colors paint that given the leave motif look.
Mason jar cintainers with pinecones pattern which added with the real pinecones into the top of the jars.
White and blue plaid mason jar design to be used as the vase.
Pumpkin design lantern by using mason jar in orange jar and black holder.
Cookies container mason jar with ribbon as the decoration.
Mason jan container that formed in pumpkin with the leaves and stalk ornament.
Mason jar vases with burlap as the decoration and lace fabric material to beautify the design.
Rustic mason jar vase design with unfinish paint technique and flower ornament in unfinish touch as well.
Fairy light ornament with dried fall leaves for the accent of the jar.
Berries container with silver and gold color for the lux look. Then, the red ribbon can really useful to beautify the jars.
Mason jar container that painted that added with jute rope as the ornament and the hanging accessory tied with the jute.
Straw container in colored mason jar that has the modern look.
To give more peaceful accent, you can add the transparen mason jar with water before you function it as the vase.
Decorative candle mason jar by simply decorate the jar by using the jute.
Fairy lighting mason jar by adding the moss and string lampr for the nature atmosphere.
Look! You can even utilize the jar to be used as the glass. Give some decoration for the glass such as the jute, paper ornament, and pant color.
Red mason jar designed as if it is berries that used to be the stationery container

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After looking at the pictures above, let’s talk about the mason jars that used as the ornament first. Here, mostly the jars utilized to be the vase whether for the real plants or the synthetic one. Then, for the application, you can hang it by using the rope or wood hanger. Or, you can simply put it on the table or rack. At last, for the way you decorate it, you can choose to add the materials that really fit with your home style decoration.

Moreover, for something that has the functional value, you can have it to be the tissue jar, food container like candy, chocolate, or cookies. Here, you can even have it for the lighting. In case you will utilize it as the lighting, you can put the string lamps or even the candles just based on the lighting that you want to have. In hence, the other interesting thing is that you can decorate the jar and use it as your glass which will be so much interesting.