Having extremely tall, 60-inch floor vases can be amusing, but at the same time, it posts a unique challenge. Where to the best place this tall vase to complement your home interior?

Here are several best locations to install these tall floor vases in your home.

1.     At the corner by the window

60-inch floor vases can be placed nicely at the corner of any room, next to the window. Even if you fill them with tall, indoor plants or artistic pieces of stick-like décor, you certainly won’t get it wrong.

Nevertheless, the adjacent furniture is important. A console table, a dressing, or a sofa will work because they won’t disguise the lovely piece of the tall vase. Placing a floor vase next to a tall cupboard certainly won’t serve the purpose.

This hand-painted aqua ombre floor vase will provide an interesting room decor for you to try. You can put it in one corner of the room so that it becomes the perfect focal point of the room. Add a few green leaves to create a natural feel to the room. Hold it near your living room window to give your vase some sunshine. This decoration will make your room look more attractive when combined with this antique rattan chair. Jute rugs are added to give a warm impression to your living room. Hand-painted aqua ombre floor vase from shelterness.

A pink porcelain vase with pink roses for a feminine room will give the perfect home decor. You can add some green leaves and blooming flowers to add a natural feel to the space. Hold it near your bedroom window to provide the perfect focal point. Placing a floor vase near the fireplace will provide the perfect decoration. Pink porcelain 60-Inch vase from shelterness.

2.     At the side end for your sofa or accent chair

Another great place to position your 60-inch floor vases is to close the open end of your sofa, accent chairs, or even console table. Be indoor or outdoor, a tall floor vase that complements your living room or patio interior is always a great way to jazz up the room.

The vase next to the sofa will give you a colorful room decoration to try. Because this vase will be a great way to jazz up a room. Equipped with fake oversized leaves will give a natural impression to the room. Using a patina cream terra cotta floor vase will give a stunning home look. This beige sofa also has the perfect contrast to your vase. Cream terra cotta floor vase from shelterness.

This 60-inch terra cotta floor vase creates a vitage look with faded colors. Completed with yellow flowers to give the perfect home decoration. Placed next to the console table makes a focal point for an interesting room for you to try. tall floor vases that complement your living room or patio interior are always a great way to jazz up a room. Terra cotta floor vase with yellow leaves from shelterness.

3.     Next to an entrance

Placed strategically to avoid anyone bumping into the 60-inch floor vases, you could spice up the inner side of your room entrance or exit way to the patio with suitably decorated tall vases. Be it next to your gigantic home theatre equipment or adjacent to your simple armchair, these vases enhance your interior styling.

You can try a double vase between the console table of your entrance. If you don’t like this look, go for a more classic approach in the opposite corner of the room. This decoration will give the room the perfect look. Combined with a sunbrust mirror and a few other ornaments, it will complement the appearance of an attractive room. Double vase on console table from decoist.

Placing a 60-inch floor vase at the entrance of your home will welcome you with a fresh feeling as this vase is filled with greenery. Place it in the corner of your entrance room and it will become the focal point of the perfect room. This farmhouse-style home decor is complemented by lantern chandeliers and wooden furniture. 60-inch floor vase with greenery from decoist.

A small gray entry decor idea with a stool and a ceramic vase in the corner will give the perfect look that you can try. The use of this geometric patterned shiny vase accent will make the room look more elegant. You can also add a vase on top of the console table so that it will give the room a stunning appearance. Geometric patterned shiny ceramic vase from decoist.

Adding a vase at the corner of your entryway will provide the perfect decoration for you to try. You can add greenery to create a natural impression into the room. Add decoration with wooden benches complemented by storage and wall trellis to give the room a tidy appearance. Jute floor rugs will give a warm impression in your room. 60-inch vases on the corner from decoist.

4.     Next to staircase storage or bench

Under-the-staircase storage or bench usually has a free corner that would be one of the best spots for your 60-inch floor vases.

These three coastal-style floor vases provide an interesting home decor and will be the focal point of your entrance if you place them under the stairs next to your bench. This decoration will be one of the best places for your 60 inch floor vase. White nuances, wooden floors and geometric patterned rugs will provide a warm and airy decor. Three coastal-style floor vases from decoist.

A black floor vase with a floral pattern complements the dazzling entrance décor in red. You can put it next to your stool and it will give the perfect decoration space. Some of these wooden chairs make for a warm decoration. This red nuance will give you a glamorous and elegant look when you pair it with this vase and yellow flowers. Black floor vase with a floral pattern from decoist.

Have you any other ideas on where to best place your 60-inch floor vases? Feel free to explore the various spots in your home.