If you’ve ever been to one of the 230 Anthropologie outlets worldwide, you’d certainly know the feeling of never wanting to leave a place. Being in the store would make you feel at home with combinations of uniquely homey and familiar interior designs and ambiance that stimulate the senses. Such a mix triggers the familiarity within you.

Now, you can emulate the comfort and share your personal story through your own Anthropologie home with the following tips.

1. Install a fragrance that characterizes you

Whether a fragrant candle, a diffuser, or a fragrance jar, pick an aroma that signifies you and light them up every now and then. There are a variety of aroma and fragrance décor designs in the market you can easily choose to create your Anthropologie home.

Adding aromatherapy candles to your bedroom decor can make the room feel more impressed. You can choose an aromatherapy candle with the scent that you like the most so that it can give a calmer, more relaxed and pleasant atmosphere. Then you can put this candle on a wooden nightstand which is enhanced with a glass flower vase filled with water and green plants. Aromatherapy candles on a nightstand from theinspiredroom.

There’s nothing wrong with using a diffuser in your home as a fragrance that makes you more relaxed while in this room. Complete the appearance of this diffuser with some vintage ornaments around it, for example wooden ornaments and classic table lamps. Place this diffuser in a corner of the room so it doesn’t hit and break. Diffuser as a room fragrance from theinspiredroom.

A round diffuser made of glass is an accent that can make you feel more comfortable in the bedroom, with this diffuser it will avoid a musty and uncomfortable atmosphere. Place this diffuser right next to you to sleep, for example on a nightstand. Choose this fragrance according to your preferences. Round diffuser made of glass from theinspiredroom.

2. Select a focal point to build your story around

Each room in your Anthropologie home should be built upon a single—or at most two—focal point. A huge ethnic-style rug, a large piece of decorative mirror, or a vintage-looking cupboard can be the primary furniture or décor you start your story from.

You can also start a story on an anthropologie home by using an old wooden wardrobe that has a vintage impression. A wooden wardrobe will contrast with an all white room, so it will make this wooden wardrobe the center of an eye-catching eye. You can put this cupboard in the corner of the room so that it doesn’t interfere with your space when in this living room. The glass roof becomes natural room lighting. Old wooden wardrobe in the corner of the room from theinspiredroom.

Choosing the theme of anthropology home is a smart thing. You can express your story into the decoration of this room. For example, by using a rug that looks vintage. Vintage rugs will look unique when used as footwear in your living room. That way it will give a different impression and give your guests a warm welcome. The old wooden dresser beside the fireplace is also a classic piece of furniture. Vintage carpet with classic wood dresser from theinspiredroom.

If you have a living room that is not too large then you can use a single circular mirror with a rattan frame which makes it look even more beautiful. The white color in the entire room can also make the room look wider because light can be reflected throughout the room. That way you can also adjust the rattan frame on the round mirror in this living room with white. Round mirror with rattan frame from theinspiredroom.

3. Mix and match the styles seamlessly

There is not a single, rigid style you should follow in designing your own Anthropologie home. Mix contemporary and minimalistic furniture with throw pillows and bolsters, or even ottomans, of mixed motives and patterns. You can also have a classic wooden, vintage-looking kitchen shelf with modern silverware and china pieces on display.

Basically, do as you like but keep them all fluid, seamlessly good and cool to look at.

Pour your creativity into an anthropological house by combining some modern and classic furniture or ornaments. Rattan carpets, gold candle holders and wooden floors are classic accents that add warmth to the room, while some white sofas and square glass tables are modern and never out of date furniture. The combination of modern and classic furniture in one room from theinspiredroom.

Leather ottoman with brown color becomes classic furniture that is very distinctive, cover your sofa with white cloth to emphasize this style. Floor lamps and mirror frames with gold accents add a vintage impression that is not excessive. Besides that, you can also apply the Scandinavian style to this room with a small round wooden chair. Brown ottoman leather with gold accent floor lamps from theinspiredroom.

4. Accessorize a vintage piece with lots of personalities

Your vintage piece doesn’t have to be store-made. A DIY shelf made of used pallets or vegetable crates with current décor such as your collections of landscape architectural albums, your recipe books, or your travel memorabilia will certainly spice up the corner of your Anthropologie home.

Reuse your wooden pallets as storage racks in Anthropologie home decorations. This shelf saves your space, because it only uses an empty wall area. Wooden crates are also smart and natural-looking additions to storage. The green plants that surround this shelf are a decoration that refreshes the room with a beautiful view. Wooden pallet racks with wooden storage boxes from theinspiredroom.

This teak wood shelf features a strong and sturdy texture. You can refinish this wood for a cleaner and more glossy shelf appearance, you can use this shelf to show off ceramic cutlery that has classic and unique motifs. Try this wooden shelf on the wall area of the house that is still empty. Teak wood shelf to showcase ceramic cutlery from theinspiredroom.

Last but not least, your Anthropologie home should have a soul. What kind of story the soul portrays would certainly depend on the unique pieces of furniture and decorations you choose and your clever yet witty taste in mixing and matching them all. More importantly, don’t forget to play with all your senses!