There’s nothing more hectic than being a college student. You’re going to learn to manage your budget. However, the good thing is, every decision is yours. After leaving the dorm year, now it’s time to move to an apartment.

Finding an apartment for college students can be a fun struggle. After finding one, another challenge remains: decorating it. We have spared some ideas, so you don’t need to go the extra mile after all those asking.

Wall of Prints

It’s hard for a new college student who loves collecting prints of their favorite bands to change habits. If you’re one of them, you can bring all those prints to the apartment and hang them. If the walls have been full of furniture, you can lean them on the walls. Don’t let that spirit down!

Don’t leave this white wall plain and appear boring. You can hang some posters or paintings with your favorite theme that you like the most, some of these wall decorations will look more perfect at night with the string lights that are spread out between these several posters thoroughly. This string light provides a light yellow color that makes the collage student bedroom feel warmer. Wall decor with posters and string light from society19.

Change the atmosphere of your bedroom instantly by posting several different themed posters. Posters and other paintings that are affixed have various sizes so that they present an artistic impression that is not boring, once in a while when you are going to sleep you can look at them freely. This poster also has a price that is not too expensive so it is perfect for decorating collage student bedrooms who are on a budget. Combination of posters with paintings as wall hangings from society19.

The more posters you use, the more colorful the bedroom will look and make this wall appear more optimal. You can stick this poster right on the headboard in a neat and orderly manner. Do not forget to choose several different themes and favorites so that it is not too monotonous and boring. This poster is sold at an affordable price so that everyone who loves it can have it. Wall decoration with posters above the headboard from rebloggy.

Keep It Simple

As a newcomer, working hard for decorating the apartment is unnecessary. Keeping everything simple is what you should do to save money. Besides, simplicity is the heart of modern design. As long as you keep things tidy and balanced, the job is done.

Furniture that is used as needed will save more on collage student apartment decorations so that it doesn’t make the room feel stuffy and cramped. You can use pastel colored sofas so that they blend well when you have the feel of a white room. Green plants are a room decoration that can be used in any room, making it more flexible. Pastel sofa with white room shades from society19.

When you have an apartment decoration with limited space, using enough furniture is an interior idea that you can apply. Iron bed with floating nightstand is enough to dominate this room, use a little floor area to place a transparent glass flower vase containing fresh Monstera plants. The carpet that covers the wood floor gives the room a more elegant impression. Minimalist floating nightstand from society19.

The entryways decoration of this collage student apartment is equipped with rattan chairs equipped with cushions so that it remains a relaxed and comfortable sitting area to use throughout the day. These entryways are in a modern style so it will never be boring. Do not forget to take advantage of the wall area for storage ideas by hanging DIY wooden hooks, the corner of the entryways will be more beautiful with several cactus plants that have different sizes. Modern style apartment entryways from society19.

Make the Most Out of a Terrace

The apartment for college rarely provides a terrace. Thus, if you live in one, you’ve got to make the most out of it. Make every visitor envies your beautiful terrace. Arrange some potted plants, chairs, and a coffee table. Opt for a vertical planter if you’re out of space. It can be your fun study and entertainment room, especially if you have a great view.

In order for your apartment terrace to be more useful, then you can add a coffee table set equipped with pillows for a softer and more comfortable surface. Fill the empty area around the coffee table with greenery that thrives well and is lush. This plant will provide fresher air. Use a variety of different types of pots. Coffee table surrounded with greenery from society19.

You can cover the corner of this wooden pallet bench with tufted pillows which have neutral colors to enhance the terrace decoration of this modern minimalist apartment. You can use glass string lights as an ambient lighting idea, rectangle pots filled with ferns and and these little banana trees are never boring plant ideas. The lantern candle holder is a suitable additional lighting that you can try. Corner bench pallets are lined with tufted cushions from thespruce.

Bring the Outside In

When you decide on what décor items you should buy, plants are great alternatives. Plants will blend well with any interiors, especially a white color story. While it provides fresh air and extra oxygen, it creates a great view inside the room. Besides, the look will last long.

Green plants that are placed in some of these areas help decorate the bedroom with a fresh and soothing natural nuance. You can choose from a variety of greenery for a more fun, less monotonous look. If you have a narrow bedroom, then you can hang this plant using a strong and sturdy rope. This bohemian-style carpet gives the room a brighter and more colorful impression. Green plants with a variety of different types from society19.

Take advantage of this wall area as an open wooden shelf idea that you can try in the living room decor of this apartment. Use several shelves so you can put more ornaments or green plants that can beautify this room to the fullest. Painting becomes an additional decoration that adds to the artistic impression without boring monotony. You can try it easily and on a budget. The greenery on the wooden shelf was floating from society19.

Decorating an apartment for college students cannot be easier than this.