Young couples love something new and fresh. Not to mention that they also like extraordinary things. However, two young couples mean two decisions. Two decisions are hard to be united. Fortunately, we have collected some ideas for apartment décor for couples. That way, they can start their life soon without a long night of grueling discussion.

Rustic Holder

Holder serves as an organizer. That won’t be a thing for couples who share everything. However, that little thing is necessary to hang lots of personal stuff. Starting from jackets to car keys, they will be grateful to this item.

To save budget in decorating your apartment, you can use a rustic holder that is made of teak wood which is equipped with a black iron hook. Hang this rustic holder on the wall of the entryways to make it easier for you to hang your keys or pick them up. This wooden holder has several hooks so you can hang your keys according to your needs, such as house keys and car or motorbike keys. Rustic wooden holder with iron hook from homebnc.

Find house or car keys with a faster and more effective time, rustic holders are a storage idea that can take advantage of empty wall areas. You can use reclaimed wood which saves costs, here you can simply repaint it white to make it look more elegant. The flower vases that are hung in this wooden holder are natural decorations that can beautify and refresh the space around them. Repaint rustic holder from homebnc.

Crate Shelving

Shelves are important décor items that also function as an organizer. For young couples who start living together in an apartment, they don’t need to buy an expensive one. While the rustic design is still a thing, why not making it? It costs a lot less than buying a rustic shelf. Besides, wooden crates are easy to find. They can spend the weekend doing the crate project together.

Do you need storage in the bathroom apartment decoration? If so, then you can use several crate racks that hang in the wall area, hang this crate vertically with a neat and precise layout. You can use this crate rack to store some clean toiletries and towels. With this you will find it easier to use your shower needs more effectively. Vertical crate rack from homebnc.

The minimalist apartment bedroom, of course, requires storage that doesn’t take up a lot of space. Vertical standing crate is one of the on-budget storage ideas because it is only made from natural materials that are easy to find around your home, namely pallet wood. Apart from that this storage idea is perfect for young couples who just got married. Place this standing crate in the corner of the room so it doesn’t interfere with your space. Standing pallet crate from homebnc.

Vertical Wall Planter

Apartment life can be somewhat lonely. Thus, a vertical wall planter can be a great apartment décor for couples. Taking care of and befriend with those potted flowers are good for anyone’s mental health. Besides, those plants will provide extra oxygen. Extra oxygen means extra health.

You can use the wire that is installed on the white wall to hang some green plants using a sturdy and strong hook so that it doesn’t fall easily and causes the pot to break. Use a ceramic pot that has the same color as the walls to emphasize the minimalist and modern apartment decoration style. This vertical wall planter idea really saves floor area so it is suitable for decorating apartments that have limited space. Vertical wire wall planter from apartmenttherapy.

When you have several unused white buckets, change their function as a green plant pot in the bathroom apartment decoration. You can use a black iron as an area to hang this bucket pot. Complete this greenery with a flower pot on the stool. Ceramic tile walls are an additional accent that gives the bathroom a more modern and contemporary feel. Bucket container wall planter from apartmenttherapy.

Mason Jar Bathroom Storage

Mason jars mean a great deal for young couples who are usually on a budget. Those things can serve as bathroom storage, so no one will lose their personal care items. All they need to do is hanging them on a plank.

Avoid using toiletries that are still in the plastic packaging, this will create chaos and a bad view in the bathroom apartment decoration. You can transfer them to mason glass jars according to the type and needs of each. Re-paint the mason jar green for a fresh, less scruffy look. With storage in this mason jar you can easily take a Catton bath and a toothbrush. Repaint mason jar bathroom storage from homebnc.

Wooden pallet which is used as an area to hang the mason jar for bathroom storage gives a rustic impression that is environmentally friendly and on a budget. You can hang it right next to the mirror sink. Mason jar bathroom storage really saves bathroom space so it is more effective, efficient and simple. You can try to make this storage with your partner on the weekend. Vertical pallet for hanging mason jar storage from homebnc.

Paper Lists

Two young couples who live together need a list to leave a note or to-do lists. Hook up a roll of paper to a clipboard. Then use some clips to keep the notes. Place it on the wall where anyone can see.

Write all the activities that have not been done in colorful bookmark paper so you don’t forget and miss them easily. Hang this bookmark paper with clips to keep the paper from falling and losing it. Don’t forget to write it with a marker for a clearer and less faded appearance. Stick it on the wall surface with a large piece of cardboard. Colorful paper bookmark list from wonderfuldiy.

If you have several activities then writing them on a list paper is a suitable idea that you can try. This aims to remind your partner not to coincide with the schedule or work on the same day. Or this paper is also a reminder of items or home needs that are exhausted and empty. This paper list idea is very easy and on budget. List paper with stainless steel clips from wonderfuldiy.

Apartment décor for couples is always fun and worth doing.