Having an outdoor activity during summer is always fun. You can go to the beach, having a summer vacation, or even make something interesting in your own backyard. Let’s have backyard glamping with friends. For any tent- or woods-fearing friends, this is the best way to get outside, sip your killer sangria recipe, roast a few s’mores, and even be back inside before the dew begins to form. Sure this may not be exactly roughing it, but if there’s anything we’ve learned about summer entertaining, it’s about pleasing your crowd. Check out these 8 backyard glamping essentials for summer ladies night below and have a nice backyard glamping!

1. Hammock

This hammock is crafted of recycled cotton and featuring playful fringe trim, this lovely hammock is perfect for curling up with your latest read in the den or topped with patterned pillows to complete your boho-chic living room look.

The glamping decoration will be more perfect when equipped with a white hammock as a comfortable relaxing area while enjoying the outdoor view. You can tie this hammock rope to two trees that are not too far apart tightly so that they don’t fall easily during use. In this hammock area, you can chat warmly with your family because it is equipped with chairs and tables beside it. White hammock idea from tripstodiscover.

It’s not enough just a hammock, you can use a few throw pillows and a thick blanket as warmers when the weather outside starts to get cold. The fabric layer on this hammock is made of recycled cotton so that it has a smoother and softer surface. The string light that stretches between the hammocks provides dramatic lighting that can be used at night. Soft hammock from onekindesign.

2. Butterfly Chair

This butterfly chair’s sturdy frame is made of thick steel for maximum stability, and it folds easily for storage.

Complete the appearance of your tent with leather butterfly chairs. This material will be stronger against any changes in outdoor weather, don’t forget to fold this chair after it’s finished using it to save more of your wood floors to make it more effective and efficient. Besides that, you will also be freer when moving. Leather butterfly chairs from archive.curbed.

Not only outdoors, you can also put this butterfly chair in the tent for a relaxing area while enjoying coffee in the morning. Combine this chair with a round woven rattan table that gives a more natural and environmentally friendly impression. Place all furniture legs on a leather rug in a neutral color like white. You can try this glamping decoration in the summer only. Indoor butterfly chairs from archive.curbed.

3. Wood Burning Fire Pit

This fire pit is great as glamping essentials. The heat-resistant steel is also durable, so you can keep warm while entertaining, lounging or roasting marshmallows for years to come.

To prevent your body from feeling cold in the late afternoon, a portable fireplace is an important accent to be under when camping. Place outdoor wooden furniture in the tent area not too far from the fireplace to get maximum warmth when the weather starts to feel cold. You can enjoy food and drinks in this outdoor furniture with a different atmosphere. Portable fireplace from archive.curbed.

4. Cotton Bell Tent

This cotton fabric tent can be warm in winter and cool in summer. And it roll up make the breeze in summer and set the stove jacket in the winter.

This tent made of cotton will better protect you from the hot sun during the day. This tent is also easier to wash when it starts to look dirty, the colorful carpet that covers the surface of the lower tent gives color and makes the tent look livelier without feeling bored. Open the tent during the day to bring plenty of fresh air into the room. Cotton tent with colorful carpet from

You will be more comfortable using a cotton tent in the summer because it will protect you more from the reflection of the sun. Open the tent cloth at the door during the day so that the air in the room feels fresher and of course the breeze doesn’t feel hot. The white cotton cotton tent will be easier to match with other interiors around it. White cotton tents from cassiefairy.

6. Wool Blanket

This wool blanket gets classic style from three slim stripes at the top and bottom and whipstitching all around.

Anticipate cold weather inside your tent at night with a blanket blanket that has a warmer, thicker and smoother surface. This blanket is also equipped with a white tassel which is a perfect accent and beautifies the overall bedding area. Green plants that are placed in the corner of the room become decorations that make the atmosphere in the tent more natural and fresher, of course. Tassel wool blanket from tripstodiscover.

7. Outdoor Rug

This chic indoor-outdoor rug features exclusive diamond medallion design on a burnt orange background. Handwoven by Indian artisans from recycled plastic bottles and distressed for a vintage look, this eco-conscious floor covering is perfect for adding a high-end look to high-traffic areas both indoors and out.

Cover the floor of your tent with a diamond medallion rug which has a bright color so that the atmosphere inside the tent is more cheerful. The pastel and light brown colors splashed on this rug will work well without giving the impression of being overwhelming and making the room even more dull. Another interior made of wood has natural elements that you can make the best use of. Diamond medallion rug with pastel color splash from tripstodiscover.

8. String Lights

This indoor-outdoor lights with clear, easy-to-replace mini globes light up trees and shrubbery for the holidays and illuminate your surroundings all year long.

If you need lighting in an outdoor tent, then a string light with white lighting is the right idea and you can try it easily. You can spread some light strings in certain areas to make it more leverage, this lighting also has a price that is not too expensive so it is very on budget. String light with white lighting from tripstodiscover.

By having those backyard glamping essentials for summer ladies night, you will get a fun outdoor activity during summer.