A wedding is a special ceremony for a couple, and it is most likely to only have one wedding in one’s entire life. Thus, that moment is deemed sacred and special. Celebrating this joyful occasion, people usually spend a lot of money and effort to make it memorable. Therefore, each wedding is usually carefully planned and represents the couple’s wishes.

Out of many wedding styles out there, a backyard wedding is one of the most popular methods. This ceremony is usually very personal, intimate, and might be cost-friendly since you can organize it in your backyard. In contrast to a huge wedding in building or resort, this type of wedding commonly highlights the comfort and familiarity of a home. If you are one of those who favor this style, check out some of the ideas below.

Establish a Lounge Area

The perk of having a backyard wedding is that you can modify it all you want. You can be creative and do what you want for the wedding day. However, you should not forget to build a lounge area. This place can be the reception area and the place for guests to chill. Decorating this area with your old vintage and rustic furniture is a good idea. Do not forget to arrange it to match the scenery of the backyard.

Having a wedding decoration behind the house with the right decorations will enhance the look. Don’t forget to add a lounge area with the addition of some boho style rugs and floor cushions. The candles in this antique lantern will complement your wedding day decorations. So that it will create dramatic lighting. Lounge area with rugs and floor cushions from oncewed.

Add texture to your bohemian reception space with a wicker room decor. This backyard wedding design will give you a stylish look. Decorating this area with unique furniture is a great idea. Complete the look with flowers in a vase and bholam string lighting for a dramatic light. Don’t forget to add a layered carpet to give your terrace a comfortable impression. Bohemian wedding decor ideas from marthastewart.

Adding a backyard wedding decoration will provide the perfect decor. As you can see from the blue-and-white lounge, designing the space in a different pattern can create a dynamic look. Just make sure each print is the same color for an eye-catching look. Some flowers will bloom and green plants are added to give it a stylish look. Blue-and-white lounge from marthastewart.

Upgrade patio furniture for formal events on the patio. Opt for a gray wicker chair, which matches the stone floor of this venue. She covers the seat with blue cushions and silver cushions for a stylish look. Adding centrepieces of flowers in a vase on this tray will enliven your wedding day look. Don’t forget to add candles and string lights for a dramatic glow. Gray wicker chair with blue and silver cushions from marthastewart.

Rain Plan Is a Must

One crucial thing for an outdoor wedding is the weather. A sunny breezy day is the best while raining is a nightmare. Thus, many who plan for an outdoor wedding always keep in mind to check on the forecaster before deciding the date. However, nobody can one hundred percent predict natural predicament. Hence, building a tent is a must. You have to make sure that the tent fits everyone on your list, just in case.

Complete your spacious white wedding tent with an ivory colored lounge. use a glass coffee table to add dimension to the setting without losing the monochromatic look. Coupled with some green plants in a vase will build a cheerful feeling on your wedding day. White wedding tent from marthastewart.

Adding a tent to an outdoor wedding will protect you from the rain. Therefore, building a tent is a must. You have to make sure your wedding decorations look as attractive as possible by adding some classic style chairs and flowers in a large vase. This way you will use the backyard with a happy feeling. White tent outdoor wedding from marthastewart.

Outdoor weddings do not escape rainy weather, so you should add a tent as a decoration. Adding a tent for a backyard reception will indirectly provide a grand wedding decoration. Make a grand entrance for a backyard reception complemented by drawn curtains and a few tied blooms. Some greenery will give a natural impression and make your patio decor even more attractive. White tent on outdoor wedding from brides.

Bring in Magical Atmosphere

If you are one of those people who just love magic and fairy tales, you will love this idea. Try to build a tent in a place where full of tress. Then, decorate the tent with foliage and candlesticks. This way, the tent will have an elegant magical forest atmosphere you always dreamed of.

This megical touch on a wedding decoration creates an attractive look for you to try. Some greenery is added to create the impression of a forest. Don’t forget to add bholam rope lights to create a dramatic lighting. Candles on the table will complete your wedding table decoration. Greenery and string lamp from greenweddingshoes.

Hanging some greenery on the roof of the tent will create a megical touch on your wedding day. Classic pendant lights add to the appeal of your guests. This will give the perfect look for an attractive wedding decoration for you to try. This way, the tent will have the elegant magical jungle atmosphere you’ve always dreamed of. Hanging some greenery on tent from greenweddingshoes.

A boho wedding on the back porch of the house will give it a stylish look. Add some boho themed plants for a natural look at your wedding party. This way, the tent will have the elegant magical jungle atmosphere you’ve always dreamed of. Hang some boho rattan ornaments to make it look attractive. Boho tent with magical forest atmosphere from greenweddingshoes.

Those are some backyard wedding ideas you can implement!