Using a barn door for room decoration is not a new thing to do. However, you need to consider your house style. Barn door looks great for farmhouse or traditional home style. However, it is not a mistake to add it for modern house as long as the designer mixes it properly. See these ideas below;

Create A Sense Of Separation

If you live in a small house, adding barn door will help you to create a sense of separation. You can use the barn door to separate the bedroom with a seating area. Or you may apply it for other rooms as well. Besides being able to define a room, the barn door will create an aesthetic look.

Choosing a room divider with barn doors will help you create a sense of separation. Sealin that you will have privacy in your bedroom. Separating the mattress from the bathroom is a brilliant idea for you to try this decoration. The all-white nunasa barn door will look charming and will steal the attention of many people. Divider with barn doors fom hgtv.

Choosing a modern barn door for living room decoration is a trend these days. Like the picture above this barn door serves not only as a sound barrier between the living room and children’s playroom, but also as a decorative focal piece. Allowing the natural color of the wood will help you complete this room decor and will add a rustic feel to the room. Living room with barn door from hgtv.

This living room is full of personality that is fun and inviting as is the beautiful barn door. Just pull on the black metal handle to reveal a small dressing room behind it. Besides being able to clarify a room, barn doors will create an aesthetic appearance. You can also pair it with white shiplap walls and ceilings to give the room a bright and airy look. Wooden barn door from hgtv.

Barn Door With Mirror

If you need a versatile barn door for your home decoration, the mirrored barn door is a good idea. This kind of barn door is suitable to be installed in the bedroom. The mirrored barn door dramatically reflects anything in front of it. Further, it creates larger space illusion and looks brighter too.

Dark barn doors with mirror inserts hide the bathroom and cabinets will bring a bright and spacious decor to the room. You can pair it with a gray bedroom color scheme for a warm and inviting impression. This classic bedroom decor will give you a stunning appearance and will give you a rustic impression. Dark barn doors with mirror from digsdigs.

Bright colored barn doors with large mirrors can be used to dress up in a bedroom as well as create the illusion of a larger space and also look brighter. The mirror barn door dramatically reflects whatever is in front of it. With a wooden door frame this will give a rustic vibe to your classic bedroom. These shades of gray and white will also give a room a warm and inviting look. Bright colored barn doors from digsdigs.

Sliding barn door with mirror is a neat idea, the combination of modern and rustic for a modern farmhouse is a brilliant idea to try. Giving a touch of decorative wood to this barn door will offer a stunning room appearance and will steal the attention of many. Besides that, it also creates the illusion of a bigger space and also looks brighter. Sliding barn door with mirror from digsdigs.

Add An Eye-Catching Splash Of Color

Using barn door for interior design not only to get a rustic or farmhouse vibe but also can be used to bring a splash of color to your home. Refers to that idea, why you don’t use a barn door that rich and bold of color? Apply an eye-catching splash of color for it will upgrade your home look. You can repaint the barn door in red, orange, or green color. The bold color of the barn door will create a statement of the room.

Why not paint your barn door some bold colors like coral to make a colorful statement to your home décor. Choosing a barn door to cover the dining area is a perfect room decoration idea. Combined with gray and white nuasna and wooden floors, it will create a warm impression into this room. This barn door would be the perfect focal point. Coral color barn door from digsdigs.

Chevron Stripe Barn Door

The idea of installing a chevron stripe barn door dramatically adds texture to your room. It upgrades the look with simple touch but inviting. The pattern that owns by the barn door creates a modern vibe at the same time. You can let the barn door in natural wood color or paint it in white color to strengthen the modern vibe and beautiful look.

The idea of installing chevron striped barn doors dramatically adds texture to your space. Choosing reclaimed wood that is arranged in such a way will give the room a stylish appearance and will be the perfect focal point of the room. You can also match it with wooden floors and beige walls to give a rustic look and enhance the look of this rustic living room. Chevron stripe barn door from homestratosphere.

Barn Door To Hide Storage

Build a barn door will help you to hide storage in a seamless way. So, it is not only decorative but also functional. Choose the most stylish barn door to add aesthetic value to your room decor. For example, the barn door that hides the bike in a fantastic design.

This addition of a barn door to the kitchen adds a lot of rustic charm to the kitchen. You can use it for the perfect pantry storage idea. So, it is not only decorative but also functional. Choosing the most stylish barn door will add aesthetic value to your bedroom decor. You can even decorate the walls with the words “GROCERY” which will add a unique look to the room. Barn door to hide pantry from countryliving.

Barn Doors in Kitchen

Using a barn door for the kitchen sounds like a good idea. You can see this idea in the rustic kitchen that uses a chalkboard barn door. It separates the pantry in a simple way but attractive. Using a chalkboard is great for kitchen decor to have lists of the menu or other stuff.

Set within a colorful retro kitchen, this warehouse-style cabinet barn door offers a chalkboard insert panel for keeping track of a grocery list. It separates the kitchen in a simple yet attractive way. Using a chalkboard is great for decorating a kitchen that has a menu list or other item. Using ideas like this is a great decoration for you to try now. Cabinet barn door with chalkboard from countryliving.

Are you interested to use a barn door for your home decor? It is aesthetic and functional, isn’t it? With the versatility that owns of the barn door, it can be another option of door idea in your home.