To upgrade a bedroom decoration doesn’t mean to spend much money. You can improve your bedroom look at low cost. Even, it will not be more than $100. However, you need to be more creative. See the following ideas that may inspire you.

Make a Gallery

Simply just hang some white and black pictures on the wall. Or, in other ways you may add your family photos. Any pictures, children artworks, or others things that can be used for creating a gallery will upgrade your bedroom with low cost.

Choose and use a painting with a black frame to fill in the blanks of your white wall so it doesn’t look boring. This painting has a combination of black and white so that it brings a monochromatic vibe instantly. This bed and nightstand made of reclaimed wood is a natural accent that fits perfectly with any bedroom feel, including shades of white. B/W painting frames from thebudgetdecorator.

The children’s artwork installed on the bedroom wall is enough to be an on-budget decoration but still looks attractive, perfect the appearance of this painting with green plants placed not too far from the painting. The combination of pink and white in the nuances of this bedroom will blend perfectly without giving the room color tones that are damaging or boring. Children’s artwork as wall decoration from thebudgetdecorator.

Change Your Ceiling Look

Ceiling updates also will improve your bedroom decoration with fewer budgets. If you have money to buy a chandelier, you can choose the cheapest one but with great shape. Or, you can paint the ceiling with any patterns and colors.

Align the color of the ceiling with your walls for a more harmonious and matched appearance of the bedroom, white is the best color choice because it is very neutral when combined with other interiors that are around it with any color. This polished wood fan perfectly decorates the ceiling pallet and makes it look more artistic. White ceiling with polished wood fan from goodhousekeeping.

This on-budget bedroom decoration will appear more festive and colorful when equipped with a patterned ceiling with a mix of neutral and bold colors such as red and white. Next, you can install this gold-colored star-accented lamp as the main lighting that can be purchased at an affordable and not too expensive selling price. The blue tones in this room give the impression of a fresher room. Patterned ceiling with combination of red and white color from goodhousekeeping.

With a New Quilt or Duvet Cover

This is done periodically. With a new quit or duvet cover, your bedroom surprisingly looks different. Of course, this way will not cost you more than $100. Just buy some duvet cover and change your bed cover once a week or as you like.

When your blankets, bedding and pillowcases start to look dirty and smelly, then you can replace them with new ones. To change the fabric the following week, you don’t need to buy it again, just wash all the fabrics that are on the bed and reuse them for the specified period of time. This idea really saves your expenses and saves a lot of money that must be spent. Reuse the washed blanket from goodhousekeeping.

To save more spending on decorating your bedroom, there is no need to buy back all the fabrics that are on the bed. In this decoration, you simply reuse blankets, pillowcases and bedding that are clean and in the closet. To make it look softer and neater, you can iron it with perfume spray to make it smell like new again. Wash and iron your blankets and bedding again from goodhousekeeping.

Add Rug on The Floor

No matter how large your bedroom area is, a rug should be there to fill the space. When you have big space for bedroom, you can use a big rug as well. Choose the color and pattern of rug that looks blend with your bedroom style.

Cover your wooden floor with a striped carpet that has a combination of blue and white, this carpet becomes a warm footed and makes the bedroom decor more elegant and neat. White wall paint becomes a room color neutralizer that makes the room cleaner and looks wider. The red table lamp is a bold color and a beautiful focal point. Striped carpet from goodhousekeeping.

Another option for carpet ideas is a vintage style that never goes out of style, choose and use a carpet with bold colors like green for a superior and striking look. The walls and bedding with a splash of white are the perfect combination that you can apply at the same time. Vintage carpet with green splashes from goodhousekeeping.

Paint The Bedroom Wall

The easiest way to upgrade bedroom look and can be done by anyone is upgrade the paint. Your bedroom wall needs to be repainted after some periods to improve the decoration without spend much budget.

The combination of light green paint and dark green paint gives the bedroom a more modern and minimalist look, these two colors are also the perfect combination that is highly recommended for bedrooms on a budget. Install and use a rattan headboard for a more natural impression, woven rattan rugs are also footwear that coats the wooden floor for the better. The combination of light green paint with dark green paint from goodhousekeeping.

Another option for repainting the bedroom walls is to choose a dark color. Next you can use some colorful interiors that are applied to the bedding and some patterned pillowcases. Tulips placed in a glass flower vase also add a bright color that never bores the eye. Dark color paint walls from goodhousekeeping.

Wall-Mounted Swing-Arm Lamps

Rather than searching space for a floor lamp, it will be better for you to try a new idea of a wall-mounted lamp. This lamp looks unique but will not disturb your bedroom decoration. Even, it saves space very well.

Maximize the use of empty walls to install a swing-arm lamp with a dark color, this lamp does not take up floor space at all so that it makes you feel more free and does not limit your movement space while in this bedroom. This wall lamp will be the main lighting after the transparent glass window during the day. Black swing-arm lamp from goodhousekeeping.

New Window Covering

Besides change the bed cover, you can change your window curtain as well. Choose the curtain that is affordable. You can choose a simple or sheer curtain for your window treatment idea that will not cost more than $50. But, the result is amazing, right?

If you need curtains to coat your glass windows, then roman blinds are a smart idea that you can try. Choose curtains with neutral colors and thin materials to maximize sunlight entering the room. White curtains give a vintage impression that is not excessive and is easier to combine with other interiors around it. Vintage white curtain from goodhousekeeping.

Sheer curtains are easier to wash when they start to get dirty, besides that these curtains also have a very affordable selling point and don’t cost a lot of money. You can open these curtains in the morning before noon to maximize sunlight entering the room. Sheer curtain from goodhousekeeping.

Apply DIY Headboard

A vintage door that turned into headboard also upgrades your bedroom in a very simple way. Then, the most important thing is low cost. You only need to find old door and use it for headboard. Feel free to paint it first of not.

Bring a natural feel to your bedroom decor by using several interiors made of wood and rattan. Currently you can use teak wood as a DIY idea that is sturdy and not easily porous. Furthermore, you can use a tiered rattan nightstand with wheel legs to make it easier to move it anywhere when needed. DIY teak wood headboard from goodhousekeeping.

Reuse your old wood that is in the warehouse to be changed and utilized as a DIY headboard idea that doesn’t cost a lot of money when making it. The reclaimed wood headboard with some ancient furniture brings classic and vintage style together without ruining the feel of your current on-budget bedroom. DIY reclaimed wood headboard from goodhousekeeping.

When you can update your bedroom decor with less than $100 it will bring satisfaction. Follow those ideas above then you will have a cozy and beautiful bedroom decor at the same time without breaking your bank. Have a nice to try.