Adding some greenery to your home is a great idea. Imagine that you’ll have a natural ambiance in your rooms as it will make you feel fresh and relax. Furthermore, most people put plants as their living room interior, something that they don’t consider is that we can put it for any room especially for the bedroom. This can have an effect on creating beautiful interiors and cozy bedroom decorations. It will give you a better sleep quality as it brings out a cozy and peaceful atmosphere.

The right placement also important to make your bedroom looks aesthetically. There are plenty of ways to decorate your room with plants. You can put a decorative plant on the pot beside your bed, near the window, or even near your drawers. To give you inspiration, please check out some ideas below!

A Plant Corner

If your bedroom corner is empty, utilize it as a place for plant corner. You can arrange your plants there. Use in various kinds of plants sounds good. The different shape, size, and high of the plant can add dynamic to your bedroom. If you want a more interesting look, use a step or stool to create levels.

Big ferns and some small plants have a unique charm. Placed in the corner of the room on the stool, it will give a level to the decor of this bedroom. In addition, you can also add hanging plants from macrame cloth that will make your bedroom decor fresher. Placing all of these plants near a window will provide sufficient sunlight to nourish some of your plants. With this decoration you will maximize the place with a brilliant idea. Big ferns on corner bedroom from housebeautiful.

A small boho bedroom by adding corner greenery in a terracotta pot by adding a stool to create a level. Equipped with a wooden bed, table and chairs, boho textiles, and some woven touches will bring a natural feel to this room. You can also add some other green plants to create the perfect bedroom decoration and give a fresh impression. Corner greenery terracotta potted from digsdigs.

Use the Headboard

Don’t hesitate to use your headboard to place the plant if wide enough. You can put the plant on the vase or small pot to get the fit place. For the plant type, the small plant is a good choice for a more uniform look. You can combine it with other decorative items for a more attractive bedroom look.

This attractive small bedroom with a black headboard complemented by some greenery will bring a fresh room decor. Green accent walls, black bedding, rattan lamps and chests and these printed textiles complete your bedroom décor. Combined with shades of white and this runner rug will make an interesting room decoration for you to try. Headboard with plants from digsdigs.

This small boho bedroom with a palette headboard is equipped with some green vines that will bring a fresh and natural feel to the room decor. Combined with some antique oval mirrors that will present the perfect room decor. Decorations like this will give the bedroom a more attractive appearance. Some wood and rattan furniture will give a natural decoration to your bedroom. Palette headboard and plants from digsdigs.

Bedside Table Accent

Placing the plant on the bedside table is the easiest way to decorate the bedroom with plants. If you want to have greenery above your table, choose small plants that suitable enough to be placed. Also, considered the pot that suitable for that, choose the small one.

This small contemporary bedroom with brick walls is complemented by some greenery. You can place these small potted plants on the bedside table to bring a fresh vibe to your room. You can complete the look of white beds and cabinets, chandeliers. This large window will also give a bright and spacious impression in this decoration. Small potted plants from digsdigs.

Placing plants on this bedside table makes a perfect room decor and will make your room fresher. Choosing these small plants in low maintenance pots will make your room decor more stylish. A small neutral bedroom with white furniture, wicker lamps and chests makes for a warm and serene room decor. Some other green plants will also make your room decor more stylish and create a room with fresh air. Plants on bedside table from digsdigs.


If your bedroom window has enough wide sill, find a bright spot and you can use it to place the greenery. Besides, it can upgrade your bedroom decor, your plants also receive enough sunlight for growing.

A boho bedroom by adding some greenery will give the room a fresh and natural feel. You can add it to the shutters to provide adequate sunlight nutrition. Combined with green and mustard textiles, candle lanterns, and attractive lamps will make the perfect room decoration and will steal the attention of many people. The hardwood floors and white color scheme will give the room a warm and spacious feel. Windowsills plants from digsdigs.

You can add greenery to the window sills to make the room decor perfect and give a fresh impression. In this black and white bedroom color scheme, your greenery can be the perfect focal point of the room. Besides being able to beautify your bedroom decor, your plants also get enough sunlight to grow. Choosing plants in pots with low maintenance will make your room decor more stylish and steal the attention of many people. Greenery on window sills from digsdigs.

Hanging Plants

Keep the floor of your bedroom by hanging your plant on the ceiling. All you have to do is just install strong hooks to hang the plant. The hanging plants will make your bedroom looks fresh and beautiful, also updated the look instantly.

This small boho bedroom is equipped with some greenery that hangs above the bed to get a room decor idea that has fresh air. You can combine it with tree branches and burlap for bedroom decorating ideas like this. Hanging plants will make your bedroom look fresh and beautiful, also update the look instantly. Choosing this low-maintenance devil’s ivy plant will make the perfect room decor. Hanging greenery on bedroom from balconygardenweb.

Contemporary small bedroom with hanging greenery that will bring a natural look and fresh air into this room. You can add these hanging vines in the corner of the room for an interesting room decoration idea. Storage beds, balustrades with gallery walls, rattan lamps complement this contemporary bedroom décor. Hanging plants will make your bedroom look fresh and beautiful, also update the look instantly. Hanging greenery from digsdigs.

Placing several plants in the bedroom surely can boost your mood and makes your room fresher. Besides, you can put some flower pots to create a colorful and cheerful spring or summer atmosphere in your bedroom. But you have to make sure to choose the plants that are easy to live in any condition. Have a nice to try.