More often, levelling a garden only works for households with spacious yards to work with, but even a smaller backyard design can utilize the trick to create a whole new appearance. There are not many things you can do to embellish a small backyard design and levelling the garden will give you more space to enjoy, with more garden varieties to decorate with.

If you want to start creating a garden level, here are some useful ideas to go with your project.

The raised lawn is for an outdoor living expansion

Building a slope in your small backyard design can be challenging, so you need to put an extra effort into it. Adding levels can be an interesting method, and you can make the most of the available space, particularly in a small space. You can utilize the raised lawn as an outdoor sitting area to entertain guests with steps and ledges leading up to the way. 

Leave a little garden area to put outdoor furniture that you can use as a relaxing area. When you use a wooden bench, cover it with sofa cushions that have a soft and smooth texture to make it more comfortable to use to accompany your days while in this garden. This outdoor furniture is surrounded by greenery which will be a refreshing sight for your eyes. Wooden bench covered with pillows from idealhome.

Maximize your small backyard decoration as a garden that is equipped with colorful floor cushions and a fireplace that will be a warm accent when the outdoor weather starts to feel cold. You can put this furniture in the top garden so you can look at the greenery below and it will certainly refresh your eyes. You can stack these pillows when not in use to save more on your small garden area. Floor cushions with fireplaces from contemporist.

Don’t forget to add security and safety

The key to having garden levels is that you need to pay more attention to details. The raised area with steps can be dangerous when there’s no border visible, so paving on a slope will help you create clear boundaries between the lower and upper areas of the backyard design. 

When your paving stairs have a narrow space, avoid placing potted plants so they don’t interfere with your path to the garden or outdoor furniture. Keep this ladder clean and tidy to make it more comfortable to use. There is no need to use too many stairs, six paving stairs are enough to get you to the target area. Small paving stairs from idealhome.

Garden level decorations should have paving stairs to help you get to where you want to be. When your garden has a limited size, there is nothing wrong with putting this ladder in the corner of the garden. This staircase has a modern style because it looks clean and shiny. In addition, paving stairs also have a smoother and more sturdy texture. Modern style paving stairs from contemporist.

To get to the highest level garden, you can use a paving ladder which has several levels. Avoid putting pots or other decorations on this ladder to avoid disturbing your space when walking on this ladder. This paving ladder has a neutral color so that it is easy to mix with any color exteriors around it. Neutral color paving stairs from gardeningetc.

Create a relaxing space

If there’s still room for improvement, try to incorporate a safe play zone for the kids, or add more daybeds and seating arrangements to enjoy the sun. Since the garden level for your small backyard design has two separated areas, you can make one serving as a relaxing space and the other functioning as a proper garden. 

There is nothing wrong with putting outdoor furniture in the backyard garden decoration as a relaxing area with a different atmosphere and of course refreshing your mind when you are tired of working activities. This simple L sofa which is equipped with a small coffee table is enough to fill your outdoor activities. Add a portable fireplace as a heating accent that you can use whenever needed. L-shape sofa with portable fireplace from idealhome.

To bring a vintage style to your garden decoration, using reclaimed wood benches and daybeds is the right idea that you can try. Instead of using a coffee table with a portable fireplace made of iron to make it stronger against all changes in outdoor weather. This wood daybed is covered with faux fur so it has a warmer and softer surface. You can try it easily. Benches and daybeds made of reclaimed wood from idealhome.

Do you want lunch or dinner with a different atmosphere? If so, then you can put a teak wood dining table set in the garden area which is equipped with a fairly large candle lantern. You can fold this dining chair when it’s finished to save more on the floor area so you can get a wider garden space. Outdoor wooden dining table set from housebeautiful.

Additional water feature

Introducing a water feature works best in any garden level idea. You don’t have to create a pool—Instead, install a wall-mounted fountain with the streams running to the bottom and a small pond to collect the water. 

The fountain that is placed in the middle of the garden decoration becomes the view and appearance of the garden that is more unique and different. The splashing sound of water makes you feel more relaxed when relaxing in this garden area. Besides that, the colorful flowers around it give the garden a more lively and passionate atmosphere. You can combine the two together to make it more perfect. The fountain is surrounded by colorful flowers from hgtv.

When you have the rest of the garden space, take advantage of it to build a fountain equipped with a concrete side that is stronger and stronger. The combination of green plants with grass gives the impression of a fresher garden decoration and is certainly not easily boring. This fountain looks simple but very charming and is a bold accent in this garden. Bold fountain surrounded with greenery from hgtv.

The idea of building a garden level in a small backyard design is to have more space available for a living expansion. Be sure you don’t make it too high or too much. Illuminating slopes and steps will also add a great aesthetic to the overall appearance.