With an oceanic-themed room, you can’t go wrong with various shades of blue. However, too much blue may overload your senses. Accents of colors used appropriately will enliven the nuance of your indoor oceanic atmosphere. A blue vase may come in handy to spice up your space.

Here are several blue vases chicly designed for those of you who fancy blue colors, or simply look for accent-colored items for your contemporary home.

1.     Simple and transparent blue vase

A blue vase made of transparent glass is the right vessel for aquatic-inspired filling. Alternatively, leave it empty—along with the rest of the similarly made blue vases, and you will make a fine series of simple blue décor.

Don’t leave your table decorations empty and boring, vases are an alternative idea that can decorate the room as a whole. If your home theme is Oceanic, then choose several transparent blue vases with different sizes. Use a blow glass vase to fill in water plants. Meanwhile, you can use another vase to emphasize your Ocean style, which is filling it with river stones and small shells. Several blue vases filled with live plants and Ocean accents from homebnc.

Another room that you can decorate is the Ocean kitchen decoration which has a dominant blue and white color. This transparent blue vase made of blow glass material is a fresh windowsill decoration. Placing this blow glass vase is very appropriate, because the plants will get maximum sunlight. This sunlight helps plants grow properly and perfectly. Transparent blue blow glass vase as windowsill from homebnc.

The living room is an area frequented by your guests or your family who come to your house. With this you can beautify the living room with a blue blow glass vase that is quite large, place it on a wooden side table. You can fill this blue vase with a type of Swiss cheese plant that has fairly wide leaves. This patterned pillowcase adds a gorgeous pattern when tossed over a white sofa. Blue blow glass vase with bigger size from homebnc.

2.     Practical ceramic, navy blue vases

Navy blue ceramics exude classic taste. Either go with plain-colored china, patterned blue ceramics or simply navy blue with ornamental painting for accents, this blue vase will be easily matched with a white or light blue wall or light-colored furniture.

You can enter a ceramic vase in a color that matches the Ocean style, which is the combination of blue and white. You can start by painting the bottom of the bottle vase dark blue, light blue and then white. Fill this vase with colorful flower variants, place this vase in an area that is often visited by your friends as a refreshing indoor view and beautify your home decor. Ceramic bottle vases with three different colors from completely-coastal.

Put more than one plain-colored china ceramic vase in your Ocean living room decor. You can put it in the coffee table area, the motifs of this vase give a unique and classic impression that is beautiful and elegant without being over the top. Green plants that are applied behind the sofa and above the fireplace are a fresh decoration that you can try. You can water and provide fertilizer regularly and regularly to help grow the flowers properly. Plain-colored china ceramic vase on the coffee table from listingmore.

3.     Classic white vases with blue ornament paintings

Oriental vases are typically white with blue motives or paintings decorating them. The painted ornaments usually tell a story from the era or display common sceneries from a certain period in history. Placing this blue vase next to plain-colored furniture should be perfect.

Ocean living room decoration is incomplete without a round white vase with a splash of blue on the outer surface. This vase is quite indicative of the Ocean style which looks fresh and neutral. You can fill this vase with green plants to your liking, don’t forget to put it on a side table near the window. The combination of blue with white round vase from countryliving.

You can paint this ceramic vase with a dominant white color with a splash of blue which emphasizes the Ocean living room decor. In addition, you can use interiors with matching colors, for example on sofas, blankets, pillowcases and rugs that line your wood floors. Large windows make the room feel brighter and more open. White ceramic vase with blue painting splash from countryliving.

4.     Blue vintage fish vase

A blue vintage fish vase made of ceramic and glass are very elegant and can give a vintage vibe to your oceanic-themed room interior. Fill the vase with your favorite flower arrangement then make your ocean-themed interior look fresh.

Vases with unique and adorable shapes make your room decoration look more creative, this time you can choose a ceramic fish vase filled with fresh flower variants and give the room a fragrant aroma. Apart from that, this fish vase also perfectly emphasizes the Ocean style. You can place this vase on the dining table as an unusual centerpiece. Ceramic fish vase with flower variants from completely-coastal.

Another option for decorating your Ocean home is with a few transparent glass fish vases, one of which is filled with blooming white flowers. You can use this fish vase in a variety of blue colors, from light to dark blue. Apart from being a plant container, this fish vase is also a decorative item that emphasizes the Ocean style. Glass fish vase with different blue color variants from completely-coastal.

5.     Royal, metallic blue vases

Imagine the courtyards of a palace in a Mediterranean kingdom or perhaps its most grandeur interior. Having this metallic blue vase at some corner by the window or by the arm chaise shouldn’t be hard, right? Elegantly designed metallic vases portray the priceless, royal stature or the high taste of the owner.

Take advantage of your little floor area for a metallic blue vase that is large and tall. You can fill this metallic vase with a few white orchid flower stalks. Other ornaments that you can apply in this vase are some wooden sticks, don’t fill this vase too much to prevent the vase from rolling over and causing it to break. Just fill the vase according to the volume of the room. Tall metallic blue vase from shelterness.

So, which blue vase suits you most?