Boho style—this is how Bohemian style is popularly known these days, and it also infiltrates people’s inspiration to get a chic look on their space, including bedrooms. The good news is that stunning Bohemian bedroom décor doesn’t always ruin your budget. It is unexpectedly affordable to have a cool and beautiful space for your bedroom. All you need is to mix and match existed artistic elements you have, and add small decoration to your space.

Take a look at our list on inspirational Bohemian bedroom décor you’ll love below.

String Fairy Lights

If you’re currently looking for easy but mesmerizing element for your Bohemian bedroom décor, string light is your best pick. Dangle string lights on your wall arbitrarily or on the ceiling around the hook. These fairy lights are perfect for your Boho hues. Choose broken white LED lamps or golden yellow to level up the warm welcoming ambiance. You can cover them with a thin broken white cloth if necessary.

Neatly decorating a bohemian bedroom with hanging lamps on the wall will provide a damatis lighting. Choose a white LED light to enhance the warm welcome atmosphere. Combined with wooden floors and wooden bed frames, it will create a warm impression in the room. some other furniture was added to complete the look of this bohemian bedroom. White LED light on wall from glaminati.

Hang string lights on fabric canopies and stair decorations for a warm and stylish bedroom décor. A lamp like this will provide damatic lighting and is worth a try in a bohemian bedroom decor. Wooden furniture, hardwood floors, and some soft carpets with geometric patterns will complete the look of your bohemian room. String lights on fabric canopies from glaminati.

The string lights on this wooden headboard will create an attractive bedroom look and will provide dramatic lighting. You can also add string lights to an open shelf which is complemented by a few ornaments for the perfect fit. This fairy light is perfect for your bohemian bedroom decor. Several pillows and warm blankets are added to give a comfortable impression to your bohemian bedroom. String lights on wooden headboard from glaminati.

Patterned Blanket and Rug

Having an antique blanket or rug with playful patterns? Grab it fast. Patterned blanket and rub can be repurposed to be your Boho décor. It is better if their color shades are found matched, but if they aren’t, you are free to have some experiments. Easy and fun but chic, aren’t they?

The use of a patterned blanket combined with the same patterned carpet will give the bedroom a stylish look. The use of dark colors will give a warm look when combined with the feel of a beige bedroom. A pendant lamp has been added to provide dramatic lighting. Don’t forget to add potted greenery to create fresh air in the room. Dark patterned blanket and carpet from homedit.

Check out the bright pink beauty we discovered while browsing the bohemian bedroom. The hot pink hues straight out of the geometric patterned rugs and striped blankets. With the same pattern, it will present an attractive bedroom look so that it becomes the focal point of your bedroom. Shades of white are combined to provide the perfect contrast. Geometric patterned rugs and striped blankets from homedit.

The smaller details can really light up a room. A white rug with a geometric pattern and a pink blanket with a geometric pattern will create the perfect montras. Combined with white nuances and hanging macros for the perfect look. But that textured ceiling and blue carpet do provide a full circle vision. White rug geometric pattern from homedit.

Hanging Décor

Bohemian bedroom décor is perfect with amazing hanging décor. If you’re not into accessories on the stores, opt for your DIY hanging décor. Grab some thread, and make your own fringes. Hang them on the wall or on the window as your room curtain. You can also make dream catchers, too. They are such stunning and aesthetic décor!

Hanging a wall hanging of a dream catcher in the form of a dream catcher and potted plants by the window has a stylish look to your bohemian bedroom. They are a stunning and aesthetic decoration for you to try. Pair it with greenery in a corner for a fresh indoor décor. Dream catcher and potted plant from homedit.

A bright bohemian bedroom will give a dramatic impression to your bohemian space. The bedside dream catcher hanging on the wall gives the room a classic feel. This will give the bedroom an attractive look with a wall decoration like this one. Don’t forget to add interesting greenery and wall decorations. Dream catcher hanging on wall from homedit.

Charm of Nature

Boho design goes close to nature. It embraces the earth as portrayed within its concept. Bring the charm of nature into your bedroom. Arrange more and more plants around the corners. You can also set some DIY wooden headboards and adorn them with planters and greeneries. Such a refreshing view, isn’t it?

A bold and chic boho bedroom with wooden headboards and greenery with green accent walls, green macrame hangers, green chairs and beds plus a touch of wood looks gorgeous. This green accent gives a natural and fresh impression to your bohemian bedroom. The white rattan chandelier above the bed, the round mirror and the green macramé above the headboard will become a decoration in your bedroom making it the perfect focal point. Wooden headboards and greenery from shelterness.

A cozy boho bedroom with light green accent walls, paired with a wooden headboard and some green plants add a natural touch to your bohemian bedroom. Some comfortable wood and rattan furniture and gray rugs create a stylish look for your bohemian bedroom. A soft blanket and several pillows add to the feeling of comfort. Wooden headboard and green plants from shelterness.

See, it’s not hard to have affordable yet inspirational Bohemian bedroom décor. Pick your favorites and give them a go!