Are you looking for incredible bedroom decor that is far from boring? Then, Bohemian style is all you need. Please stick with us for a little while. Here, we’ll uncover some brilliant Bohemian bedroom decorating ideas and help make a big difference to your indoor sanctuary space. Let’s take a look!

Display Textures and Patterns Everywhere

No bohemian bedroom design is complete without displaying rich textures and patterns in every corner of the room. The good news is, you’ll always have endless opportunities to mix different patterns, textures, and colors – allowing to show off your own personal touches and build a stunning indoor haven that stands out among others.

If you’re after this decor style, try to cover the floor with area rugs. Then, fill the room with macrame, wicker, or woven accessories and fixtures – such as wicker mirrors, macrame wall hanging decoration, and woven basket decor. Also, don’t forget to add ottomans and poufs that provide unique prints to adorn your indoor sanctuary area.      

The patterns and textures in this bohemian bedroom are complemented by a pink striped blanket and a hanging macramé wall decor that will create the perfect focal point for your room to try. A soft geometric patterned rug will rock your room. Don’t forget to add a faux fur blanket and a few matching pillows for an eye catching look for you to try. The white nuance and the Moroccan style chandelier will give you the impression of space and the right lighting. Pink striped blanket and a hanging macramé from homedit.

A runner rug with a geometric pattern combined with a wooden floor will bring a warm feeling to the room. The wall decoration in the form of a woven palette and greenery hanging with macram cloth also gives an interesting look for you to try. A yellow tassel blanket and pillow in the same pattern will balance the colors in this bohemian bedroom decor. Equipped with light white curtains will give the room a stunning appearance. Runner rug with geometric pattern from homebnc.

A tassel rug will add a warm feeling to your room. Other bohemian decorations include ottoman rattan and wall decorations to create the perfect look in this bedroom. A wooden bedside table complemented by a table lamp will provide the perfect lighting. This bige nuance will also give a warm impression and a comfortable touch to the room. Ottoman rattan from homebnc.

This geometric patterned rug, tassel poufs and wooden benches complete this bohemian bedroom decor. Framed wall decorations and dried flowers in this glass vase will enhance any room decor. You can use beige tones to create a warm and inviting space when you’re tired after a long day of work. This wooden floor also gives a warm feeling to the room. Geometric patterned rug and tassel poufs fom homebnc.

Stick with Neutral Backdrop Colors

Next, pay attention to the backdrop color you use. Again, the Bohemian bedroom design is about showcasing pretty textures and patterns. That’s why you should pick paint colors that can work harmoniously with every pattern and texture you use and won’t interfere with the overall design of the room. The smart solution is to use neutral or muted colors like white, gray, or beige.     

Menedkroating a room with soft tones will bring a warm feeling to the space. A smart solution in gray tones can work well and give off a warm feel. Combining a wooden bed frame, wooden floor and wooden study table gives a natural touch to the space. Install a large window on one of the walls to allow sunlight to enter the room. This pendant lamp with macram will complement the decor. Gray tones bohemian bedroom from homebnc.

This beige backdrop color creates a warm feeling into your bohemian bedroom. That’s why you should choose paint colors that work in harmony with this rattan furniture. This soft carpet keeps your feet warm while in the room. Bohemian furniture such as macram wall lamps, flower wreaths and other wall decorations will create the perfect decoration. The sheer white tall curtains give the illusion of a lofty space. Beige and peach backdrop bohemian bedroom from homebnc.

A smart solution by incorporating beige tones into the room will create a warm and cozy impression in this bohemian bedroom. The added wall decorations in the form of cloth and wood will make the room the perfect focal point. This wooden bedside table and wooden floor will fully support the decor of this room, creating a warm feeling. Add a white hooded table lamp for a dramatic lighting. Beige nuance bohemian bedoom from homebnc.

Create Lived-In Effects with Plants

Plants are the next essential element in the Bohemian bedroom style. What’s great is, they can add splashes of colors and textures – making your room colorful, lively, and feel more comfortable. By using beautiful planters like geometric pots, crochet planters, and mosaic pots, you can enrich more patterns in the area and decorate a Boho chic room that grabs people’s attention.    

The dark shades in this bohemian bedroom will look charming because they are equipped with some green plants beside the bed. By using a beautiful planter, your bohemian tidurr room will look fresh and give the room a natural impression. Coupled with a blue bed, some ox pillows, a faux fur blanket and a fur rug that will give a warm impression. You can enrich more patterns in the area and decorate a Boho style room that will catch people’s attention. Green plants beside the bed from apartmenttherapy.

Start your boho room design with the addition of greenery hanging in the corner of the room will be the perfect focal point of the room. The pot in the corner of the room also gives a natural touch to the room. Don’t forget to add a pretty Aztec rug on the floor and get up from there. This minimal space puts the focus on that unique print and the extra green attack adds fresh, organic air. Greenery hanging with macame from homedit.

Green plants in pots and hanging in this bohemian bedroom create the perfect room decor for you to try. Hanging by a window will provide an attractive decor to a room and will have ample sunlight. Some of these greenery will add a fresh and natural touch to the room. The beige tones and hardwood floors complemented by jute rugs have an inviting feeling. Hanging green plants from homemydesign.

Those are some design ideas you can try to create a stunning Bohemian bedroom. So, are you ready to remodel your room like a Boho pro now?