Most of the time, dorm rooms are plain rigid; you come from campus to rest and study, and that’s that. But you can make the room more cheerful and bright with bohemian style, channeling your creative inner self to have a more relaxed room perfect for chilling and studying with friends. Plus, having your dorm room decoration with the bohemian mix will give you plenty to work with to personalize your space.

Hang a dreamcatcher

I must say that a dreamcatcher is one of the bohemian’s essentials to get. Hang it right in the door, in the window, or on your headboard. A large dreamcatcher design is perfect for filling the empty wall space behind your bed as a bold decorative piece.

Hanging the dream catcher over the dormitory bedroom ceiling is an upscale decor for you to try. You can place this dream catcher by the side of a window to give it a dazzling look. Paired with string lights and patterned curtains will create a bohemian vibe in this dormitory bedroom. A few small potted greenery gives the room a fresh and inviting look. Large dream catcher from digsdigs.

This loft dorm room is equipped with attractive dream catcher decorations for you to try. You can place this dream catcher on top of the bed to fill in the empty wall space behind your bed for a bold decoration. You can add white framed writing to make the perfect bedroom decor. Complete this décor with a feather quilt and geometric patterned pillows to make the perfect room décor. Dream catcher decorations from digsdigs.

Think more patterns and colors

With the laid-back and relaxed nature, the bohemian style has its signature patterns to make the room look more avant-garde; trellis, paisley quatrefoil, and ogee are among the popular ones. Choose the right wallpaper with bohemian patterns that come in boho-style colors like burnt orange, bubblegum blue, tricorn black, and bronze.

This boho-style dorm room is furnished with leaf-patterned wallpaper for the perfect room decor. Combined with all the pink nuances and some wooden furniture will make an interesting decoration for you to try. Equipped with several framed ornaments that are attached to the wall will present a stunning room decoration. Leaf patterned wallpaper from collegefashion.

Using this leaf wallpaper will complement an attractive dormitory bedroom decor for you to try. You can pair it with white walls and a peach bed for a stunning design. Add string lights and tassel decorations to the walls to create the perfect bedroom. This bedside table is complemented by a unique table lamp to provide the perfect lighting for this bedroom. Leaf wallpaper on bohemian dorm room from digsdigs.

Hang tapestry

Another great way to cover your wall with a bohemian style is by using a large tapestry. Be sure to choose light and flowy fabric that looks interesting in a bare wall, especially if you don’t have a headboard to be hung behind the bed. Light tapestry makes a great statement in your dorm room decoration.

You can use intricate motifs for bohemian dorm bedroom decorating ideas. Try adding a fabric wall ornament to your bedroom so that it becomes a stunning focal point. Equipped with rope lights will make the room look more attractive for you to try. Adding a few thumbnails attached to the wall will create an interesting room. Hanging tapestry from digsdigs.

This fabulous bohemian cut is an excellent method of adding beauty to stunning dorm room decor. Pairing with a daybed and colorful string lights will create a stunning dorm bedroom decor that will grab the attention of many. The picture poster above the headboard also gives the perfect look to your dorm room. Dark tapestry from digsdigs.

Completing the dorm bedroom decor with the addition of a tapestry above the headboard will make the perfect room decoration and will catch the attention of many people. You can add string lights to make it more interesting. This all-white bed is complemented by a faux fur blanket to give the room a warm and cozy look. A few terracotta pots will add a warm, fresh feel to your room. Tapestry above headboard from thespruce.

Cover the walls in this bohemian style using tapestry for a brilliant idea. Combined with a high bed equipped with a faux fur blanket and several pillows, it will create a cozy feel in the room. Light rugs make a great statement in your dorm room decor. A few drawer storages will keep the room clutter-free. This faux furry rug creates a warm impression on your feet. Wall tapestry bohemian dorm bedroom from drivenbydecor.

Pouf and second-hand furniture

Find many dorm room decoration essentials in a thrift shop, a perfect choice for students, especially if you’re tight on budget. Distress-framed mirrors, lamps, artwork, and wooden furniture will make great additions to your room. Throw a large and comfortable pouf in the corner for extra comfort and inviting statements.

Completing the decoration with used items in the form of large poufs is a stunning decoration for the room. You can buy this item at the flea market for a cheap price so you will have a stylish room. Some wooden furniture and wooden floors will also create an interesting room for you to try. Adding macramé ornaments near the windows will create a stunning room. Large pouf furniture from digsdigs.

Decorating a dorm bedroom by buying a used ladder in a flea room is a perfect room decor idea and will grab people’s attention. You can combine it with all white nuances and wooden floors for a stunning bedroom look idea. This black and white striped sheet makes for interesting room decoration for you to try. Adding green plants in the corner of the room will give a fresh and natural impression to the room. Used ladder furniture from digsdigs.

There you have basic rules to create a dorm room decoration with the bohemian mix. If you still have space, add planters to introduce nature in the room. Choose an artificial one for little maintenance and add string lamps for decoration.