Any book lovers with small houses understand the struggle: how do you store your mounting numbers of books? Luckily, many book storage ideas out there are quite creative, using awkward or unusual spaces. If you have problems with limited spaces, try these creative ideas to store your books.

1.     Door Frame Shelves

Why let your door frame empty if you can use the space around it? Build your bookshelves around the door frame to maximize the space. You can construct an L-shaped shelf, a curved one to follow the door contour, or two vertical shelves that straddle the door.

Maximize your wooden door frame as a built in bookshelf idea that saves floor space so it is suitable to be applied in small home decorations. This shelf consists of several levels that you can use to store more books, repaint this shelf with a color that matches your wall paint. Built in door frame bookshelf from apartmenttherapy.

This frame door bookshelf is in the shape of a minimalist U-shape and is one of the smart functional interiors. Put all the books you have in this house with the layout according to the theme so that they are easier to find when reading them. This bookcase is equipped with a wooden divider to make it easier for you to organize all your favorite book collections more effectively and efficiently. U-shaped frame door bookshelf from apartmenttherapy.

2.     Shelves under the Stairs

One of the most common book storage ideas, shelves under the stairs are great ways to use the empty vertical space. You can build a full shelving unit underneath or create a tiny space with a chair as a reading spot. Install a single bulb lamp to make book hunting easier.

Does your ladder leave empty space? If so, then you can use it as a book storage idea to make it more useful. Besides making the room look tidy, this minimalist bookshelf is also a decorative item that can be used as a room decoration. You can arrange this book with a neat and orderly layout. Try out this bookshelf idea with ease and doesn’t take up much floor space. Minimalist staircase bookcase from shelterness.

Take advantage of the area under the stairs as a book storage idea that does not require furniture back to save space to make it more spacious and does not take up a lot of space which causes stuffy and cramped. This bookshelf is equipped with a divider making it easier for you to find the book you are looking for. This shelf can also be used to place several ornaments that will beautify the room. Bookcase under the stairs with dividers from shelterness.

3.     Hallway Shelves

Do you have a narrow hallway at home? Install thin shelves to display books along the walls. They do not need to be bulky, but you can use them to display books with beautiful covers. Just make sure that the shelves are tall enough to prevent small children from grabbing them.

When you are walking in the hallways of your house, the bookshelves around it become an unusual sight and seem more artistic. You can leave a little wall area as a built in shelf complete with some paintings and vases as a sweet finishing touch and of course really support the decor of this hallways. Use plywood as a shelf for a smoother surface. Bookshelf in hallways decoration with some decorative items from digsdigs.

The hallways walls, which are used as built in bookshelves, are a more useful decoration and give a different feel. This shelf is made of wood which has been repainted with beige so that it looks more elegant and new. When you have a home decor with limited space, you should try this hallways bookshelf idea. Built in wall of bookshelves in decoration hallways from digsdigs.

4.     Floor to Ceiling Shelves

If you have a house with a low ceiling, install floor-to-ceiling shelves to store the books. It will effective to accommodate your book collections but not take up too much space. It is because this bookshelves idea is adopted a vertical storage style. Make sure you have a stool or steps to grab the books whenever you want.

This vertical floating bookshelf from floor to roof really saves your wooden floor area so it is very suitable as a small house interior. These wooden shelves are made of teak wood which is sturdy and not easily porous, leave them with their original colors so they have a matching color with the floor of this room. Don’t forget to add green plants as decorative accents that never go out of style. Vertical floating bookshelf from nextluxury.

If you have a large number of books in a small home decor, then the floor to ceiling bookshelves are really needed as the right storage area and of course maximize your small space. This bookshelf consists of several levels so that you can store more of your favorite and favorite books. Tiered floor to ceiling bookshelves from nextluxury.

5.     Bench Space

Place a bench on the narrow space in your home! You can get seating area and storage space for the books. Arrange the books under the bench, and you can grab one whenever you want to relax. You can put the bench next to the window or on the foot of the bed.

This wooden bench is a functional furniture because it is equipped with a bookshelf under it. Use the pillow on it as a comfortable sitting area to use all day long, place this functional bench near the window so you can read a book while enjoying the outdoor view freely. Leave this bench in its original color to make it seem more natural and more precisely present a vintage feel. Wooden bench equipped with bookshelf from homedit.

The L bench which is placed close to the window seems more multifunctional because in addition to the sitting area, this bench is also equipped with a book storage underneath. Perfect this storage bench with a soft pillow on top as a heating accent that you can try, repaint it with white to make it look more modern and minimalist. White L stool with a bookcase underneath from nextluxury.

These book storage ideas are not expensive or complicated, but the effect is huge. Try applying them at home and see how spacious your living area become.