44 Creative DIY Planters from Birdcage Ideas

People who appreciate beauty always come up with a desire to make their house prettier. Sometimes they add a new painting and small ornament on the wall. In the other day, they go to the garden and putting a few planters near the patio. No wonder finding and buying the perfect decoration for their home always means a huge happiness.

41 Small Garden Aquarium Ideas To Beautify Your Green World

Having a small aquarium is such a nice thing to beautify your garden. This is not only beneficial to make your garden look beautiful, but also can be a soothing place to have. A collection of fish with fountain and stones will be a perfect combination. While the kind of fish it depends on your preference.

44 Best Space-Saving Vertical Vegetable Garden Decor Ideas

With the urban growth, it means more population to live in small area, with limited space. People’s home become vertical, so do their way of gardening. Because of this limited open space that cities have nowadays, vertical gardening is another choice for you to do gardening. And we’re here to serve this 44 best space-saving vertical vegetable garden decor ideas.

25 Proper Plant Ideas to Beautify Your Backyard

Beautify the backyard sometimes is not easy to do. Many things to consider to have a nice backyard view. Installing some LED lights, ornament and plants are the common thing for most people do. Simply, plants are the easiest thing to beautify it. Yet, placing the proper plant is necessary because it will influence the look of the backyard itself.

50 Best Small Backyard Garden Design Ideas

If you have the small backyard, it’s nice to create it become a garden. It can consist of a variety of green plants and flowers by using planters. This idea is beneficial to make the backyard looks more beautiful and environmentally friendly. By having it, you’ll get fresh air and nice view to feel relax.