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Wall Decor

41 Astonishing DIY Wall Clock Ideas 

A wall clock can also be a decoration for your space, not only its functionality. When we go to store, we easily find various styles and shapes of wall clock available. Here, we suggest you to make your own clock rather than buy it. Yes, you read that right, you can make your own wall clock that surely meets your style.

Wall Decor

8 Farmhouse Wall Design Ideas With Wooden Pallet to Make It Look Simple and Classy 

The farmhouse wall decor is very close to simplicity, but also classy. Usually if this is identical to old items for home decoration, this time wooden pallet is our topic. Besides the wood grain texture that looks natural, this is also good and easy to stick on the wall. There are some unique shape and design ideas that we have prepared. Of course, this will make the walls of your house look simple and classy.