A laundry room is, arguably, one of the most petite rooms in your house, with only a few people who love to visit. However, with the limited space available, there’s plenty to be done in a laundry room, from washing, folding, ironing, not to mention the small stuff to store to keep the work going. To help you plan the layout better, here are some clever storage ideas for your laundry room design.

Corner storage

Think of adding more wall-mounted storage in the corner of your laundry room design to save more space area. There are plenty of options ranging from cabinets up or drawers under the dryer. 

Choosing a laundry room storage with a cabinet storage idea in the corner of the room is a brilliant idea for you to try. This decoration will save more space so that you will have a large space. You can combine it with a subway tile backsplash and stack washer to maximize your laundry space. Classic wallpaper and square floor tiles complement your room decor. Corner cabinet storage from homedit.

Small floating shelves and whitewashed cabinets look great in a small laundry room. Mounting it in a corner maximizes space and can work great for your small laundry room. Combining with an all-white room will make your laundry room decor look wider and brighter. Adding a wicker basket also provides extra storage and will spruce up your laundry space. Small floating shelves and cabinet from homedit.

More hanging bars

Not only are the bars useful to hang your shirts, but it’s also a great method for air-drying, and keep your laundry fresh before they go into the wardrobe. Choose the sleek, round bars for simplicity.

This iron hanging drying rack makes it easy to dry your clothes while in the laundry room. You will create an extraordinary unique storage space in the laundry room. Placing it between the cabinets will also provide the perfect laundry room decor that will maximize the decor of the room. You can also add a wicker basket for extra storage ideas. Iron hanging drying rack from familyhandyman.

Drying racks provide creative ideas to make the most of your small laundry space. Using wooden bars that sit between the cabinets creates a smart, but inexpensive, hanging rack. Combined with the blue cabinets and all-white nuances, it makes for the perfect room decor that will maximize the space in this laundry room. Large windows also provide bright sunlight into the room. Drying racks provide from familyhandyman.

Storage behind door

It’s a space that is often overlooked the most, because when you open the door, then that’s it. There’s a useful thing to do with the space behind your door; installing simple hooks will help you create unusual storage in the laundry room design.

Hang the metal rack behind your laundry room door to store some of your laundry equipment. The iron will last longer and won’t rust easily when used. With this idea, it will be easier for you to store various washing utensils and will create a neat room decoration and avoid clutter. Adding open shelves and hooks will add extra storage to your small laundry space. Metal rack behind the door from hgtv.

The back-door storage pouch provides extra storage that doesn’t take up much space making it perfect for your application in your small laundry room. A simple hook will help you create unusual storage in this laundry room. With this idea, it will be easier for you to store various washing tools easily and of course with a low reach. Pouch storage behind the door from camdenliving.

Wire wall storage

Wall-mounted organizer looks perfectly modern with a wire wall storage system, allowing you to keep everything neat and clean. Choose one with separated baskets to store your detergent, brush, etc.

Using wall-mounted wire storage ideas looks very modern and would make for the perfect room decor. This idea will save space in your small laundry room and will provide a tidy room decor. You can put it beside the laundry table to store some of your clean towels. Other woven baskets you can add for an interesting garden storage idea. Wall-mounted wire storage from homedit.

A pegboard walls

It’s an industrial option to create storage in your small laundry room design. With so many available slots, you can easily organize brush, broom, lint roller, latex gloves, and other supplies attached to the wall.

The idea of using pegboard storage in the laundry room is a great choice for decorating a small space. You can add a few hooks to place some washing utensils and small towels the easy way and it will tidy up your laundry room too. You can place this header on top of the kitchen storage so that it will provide an attractive decoration to your room. White pegboard storage from loveproperty.

To make it easier for you to store things in your small laundry room, you need to install a pegboard equipped with hooks. To fit into your small laundry room, you only need to install a small plank to save space. In addition, this storage has the perfect washing tool storage function so that your room is saved from clutter. Combined with several other storages will make your laundry room decor tidier. Pegboard storage from loveproperty.

A folding space

A folding station is a great solution to provide you with functionality, a workstation after taking out the clothes while providing adequate floor space when not in use—simple fold-in or out the board according to your needs.

With the idea of a folding station being the perfect solution to give you the functionality to easily fold clothes. With this idea you’ll have the perfect laundry room decor for you to try. Using this porcelain counter will give the room an elegant appearance and still look clean. Adding wicker baskets and greenery to the vase gives the perfect look. Folding station laundry room from housebeautiful.

The point in having storage in your laundry room design is to allow the neat organization in such a small space while giving you adequate space to perform your task. If possible, eliminate any storage that takes up floor area and go for wall-mounted ones instead.