Your home is a place where you can both rest and have fun. After a long day at the office, home is the best place to go, whether just for lingering on the sofa or go straight to the bathroom and wash away all burdens. It also explains why most people who work from home find it difficult to start working. Besides the house, decoration takes quite a part in making people feel comfortable to work. So, we have prepared some home office décor ideas to help you work better.

Modern and Sleek

Many modern designs opt for simplicity. But sometimes, modernity means more. Geometry has long been part of modernity. Opt for some geometry interiors, starting from rugs to the table. If you want to add some glamorous touch, select some interiors with metallic accents like golden brass.

To keep your home office decor looking modern and sleek, you can use ceramic interiors on several items such as geometry lamps and sleek white desks. Standing gold racks that are placed in the corner of the room are a storage idea that you can use to display some beautiful ornaments that will make the room more perfect. Besides that, the color gold is also a luxurious accent that never goes out of style. Geometry ceramic lamps and standing gold shelves from digsdigs.

Make your home office decor more colorful by using a geometric carpet pattern that has several different colors. This geometry pattern carpet covers the wooden floor, making the room look more elegant and formal. Not only that, the floating desk which is equipped with a storage drawer underneath is a smart choice of furniture that saves space and is functional. Colorful geometric pattern carpet from digsdigs.

The geometric wallpaper that is installed in the home office decoration becomes a different view that refreshes the feel of the room to be more colorful. Choose a wooden floor with a light brown color to neutralize the look of this wallpaper. Wooden furniture is the right interior that you can apply in this room, polish and repaint the wooden desk to make it look more shiny, clean and modern. Geometry wallpaper with neutral wood floor colors from digsdigs.

This transparent glass window will help reflect light on the geometry of your ceramic desk so that it gives a bright light to your home office decor, don’t forget to add a work chair with a matching color so as not to damage the color tone of the room. Herringbone wooden floor is a suitable combination that displays a natural impression without being overwhelming. This gold pole standing provides a luxurious color that matches the home office theme, which is modern and sleek. Ceramic geometry desk from digsdigs.

Bohemian Office

Everyone has a different taste. To craft some inspiration while working, selecting a conforming design to one’s taste should be considered. Thus, office décor ideas should not be limited to a certain design. If you are into a bohemian one, so be it. Starting from patterned rugs to greeneries, you can use the décor to tell a story or create a masterpiece that triggers your happiness.

You can get a different view and atmosphere at the bohemian home office decoration because this room is surrounded by different types of green plants. For application, you can use a little floor area and your floating wooden shelves, do pruning on green plants that interfere with your activities while at the home office. Home office decoration surrounded by greenery from shelterness.

You can try a different look on green plants by hanging several clay pots on the walls of the home office which are still empty and unused. Ceramic floor pots don’t need to be used too much to save floor space so you can move more freely. Besides that, lining the wooden floors with vintage carpets also gives a bohemian feel that is so charming and more stylish. Combination of clay pot with ceramic pot from shelterness.

Bohemian home office decor cannot be separated from the green plants that refresh the room as a whole. Tie the snake plant with a rope so as not to disturb your desk area when in use. Place the vines in a higher area such as on a floating shelf so that they can freely propagate by themselves. This plant will be more fertile when fertilized and watered regularly. Bohemian home office decorated with green plants from shelterness.

Don’t Waste Any Space

Some people are not blessed with extra space in their homes. If you happen to get the same experience, have a home office is still possible. Use every single bit of space to place your desk. It can be the space by the bed, in the living room, kitchen, or any other place in the house. To avoid the room from looking cramped, choose a small desk and chair.

Don’t leave useless empty space in your minimalist home decor, this home office living room combo gives the illusion of a more open space. Choose furniture with various colors to give the room a colorful and cheerful feel. Instead use walls with glass windows to put in more sunlight which will help lighten the room well and stay bright. Home office living room combo from decorilla.

If you have limited space in your home, then a small living room that blends without dividers with your home office is an open decoration idea that you can try. This transparent desk gives the illusion of furniture as if the room feels wider. You can use vertical wooden cabinets for large amounts of storage because they have a lot of storage space which will be well organized and safe. Transparent desk in the living room from decorilla.

Do you have an empty room in the bedroom? Here you can take advantage of this empty area for a minimalist home office idea that makes your activities more interesting and different. This floating wooden desk combined with rolling chairs saves space so it doesn’t interfere with your movement space while in this bedroom. In addition, the transparent glass windows also provide a beautiful outdoor view that spoils your eyes when you feel tired with the day’s activities that have been done. Floating wooden desk and rolling chairs in the bedroom from onekindesign.

With all those office décor ideas, we hope you will find no more trouble finding the best design.