Going to work after a long holiday is indeed a challenging task. However, the hustle must go on, and you need to face a new adventure after long breaks behind. Nothing could boost your productivity like a charming, comfortable cubicle workspace.

Creating positive energy to channel your creativity and concentration, here are our five hand-picked cubicle workspace decor that you can choose and display proudly in your space.

1.     Add a Desk Lamp

Who would’ve thought that decent lighting plays a great role in your productivity? When you’re planning to add a desk lamp in your cubicle workspace, opt for a blue-enriched light bulb as it boosts your mental actuality, alertness, vitality, as well as decreasing daytime sleepiness.

Adding a table lamp to this cubicel workspace will create a dramatic light for you to try. Choosing this contemporary lighting style will make your cubicle more stylish and attractive. Combined with chevron wallpaper and several other ornaments, this will make your cubicle look more attractive. This framed quote also provides a colorful decoration for you to try. Contemporary lighting style from decoist.

This table lamp will serve as a dramatic lighting and will create an attractive cubicle decoration for you to try. Choosing a rustic style lamp will play a big role in your productivity. Pair it with a few other ornaments for a beautiful and enchanting cubicle decor idea. You can try this curved table to get a stunning and stylish look. Table lamp on cubicle workspace from homedit.

2.     Install Some Greeneries

Not only that it helps to improve air quality, but installing greeneries around you also helps to reduce fatigue and stress levels; perfect for those who work 9-to-5 in a tight cubicle workspace. Have zero experience in gardening? Pick something resilient and low-maintenance such as succulents.

You need to add green accents in the form of succulent plants in the corner of your cubicle workspace. Apart from being low maintenance, choosing this type of succulent plant will make a perfect room decoration and attract the attention of many people. Using this golden vase will create a fresh indoor decoration and will have a natural impression of the room. Succulent plants with gold potted from decoist.

The yellow bloom in the corner of this booth will bring a charming decoration to the room and will grab the attention of many people. The choice of this type of flower will make the cubicle look fresher and more natural. Although this flower doesn’t care much, using decorations like this will give it an eye-catching look paired with some bright yellow ornaments too. Yellow bloom in the corner cubicle from homedit.

3.     Put Pillows and Leg Rest

Researches said that making occasional 20-minutes naps a habit can boost one’s concentration and productivity. Beneficial for mental and physical health, installing cozy seat pillows and leg rest can help you to unwind for a while before going back to work.

Adding a pillow to the work chair will create a comfortable fit during a day of work. Choosing a pillow with a geometric pattern in orange will present an interesting room decoration for you to try. Installing a comfortable chair cushion can help you unwind for a moment before returning to work. Equipped with a variety of framed wall ornament will present a stunning appearance of the room. Orange pillow with a geometric pattern from homedit.

Using a comfortable chair cushion can help you unwind for a moment before returning to work. Besides that, this pillow will complement your cubicle decoration so that it will give a comfortable and warm feeling to the room. Choosing this geometric patterned pillow will create the perfect decoration of the room and will steal people’s attention. Chair cushion on cubicle workspace from homedit.

4.     Use Pegboard Organizer

Pegboard organizer is famous for its simplicity and effectiveness in storing one’s stationery, notes, and miscellaneous knickknack. While people usually use a pegboard in their garage, you can bring it into your cubicle workspace by installing it on your desk.

Storage ideas that make use of cubicle walls use pegboard as a neat and inviting room decoration idea. You can use it to store various stationery, notes, and other knick-knacks. Equipped with a small drawer on top of this table for a tidy room decoration idea that will avoid being cluttered. Storage in this mason jar will provide an attractive cubicle appearance. Pegboard storage cubicle workspace from homesthetics.

Most likely pegboard in terms of organization isn’t limited to decorating one’s cubicle. In a cubicle, the pegboard has to be matched with someone’s table. With decoration ideas like this will present a neat appearance of the room and will avoid clutter. You can add some open shelves and potted greenery to create a fresh impression in this room. Large pegboad stoage from homesthetics.

5.     Display Photos and Quotes

Seemingly sentimental at a glance, displaying memorable photos and inspirational quotes are actually helpful in keeping yourself motivated. Always remind yourself why you’re here and what you’re striving for!

Some of the photos on this rope will provide an interesting room decoration for you to try. In addition to decorating this polaroid photo cubicle, it will show your loved ones together. Adding a fringe at the bottom of this photo will create a focal point in your cubicle. Some of these gold ornaments will add an elegant look to this cubicle workspace. Polaroid photo on cubicle from homesthetics.

Adding some memorable photos and these framed quotes will always remind you why you are here and what you stand for. With decoration ideas like this you will have the perfect cubicle look and will steal the attention of many people. This cubicle is equipped with several ornaments and pink chairs to get a stylish home look and steal the attention of many people. Photos and framed quotes on cubicle from homedit.

Now that you’ve seen what you can do to spruce up your cubicle workspace, find ones that you like and get ready to do some massive changes!