There are tons of desk decoration ideas out there, but not all can apply to your current workspace. Are you currently in confusion due to this situation? We actually have compiled five simple ideas to get you the primary picture and inspiration here! It’s just like what they always said: start small; baby steps.

Organizing Bins

If you’re also seeking additional storage aside from fresh décor, installing organizing bins to the wall (or any vertical space you want) can be an excellent option. There are ones that can be mounted to the wall, and there are also that don’t. Thus, choose accordingly!

If you have items that need to be stored in a safe and appropriate container, then adding the organization of bins of different sizes is a storage idea that you can try. Select the bins with a square shape filled with small holes as an area to move the bins easily. This bins organization is equipped with a lid on the top surface so that it does not cause dust or dirt to easily enter the container. Square organization bins from homebnc.

The work table that integrates with the storage cabinets on the right and left sides will become a functional interior that you can have for home decorating ideas that have limited space. This cabinet has several layers of storage shelves that you can use to place organizational bins as a more detailed storage container. You can use this container according to the items to be stored, organize it according to its function and use. Organization of bins on wooden rack from lowes.

Stylish Trays

Elevate the function of a tray—a stylish one, in particular—to a new level. With its power to keep your desktop organized, an elegant traymostly features sharp and clean edges to define where your stuff is.

To maintain the neatness of your work table, you can try storing pencils or other small items by using a round tray that has a shiny gold color. The color on this tray gives a luxurious impression that is not excessive, the advantage of using this tray is that it is easy to move anywhere you want easily because it is equipped with handles on the right and left sides. Place this tray in the corner of the work table so as not to interfere with your work activities. Round gold tray at the corner from digsdigs.

An easy way to care for and make your work table avoid clutter, then you can apply a square wooden tray that has been repainted the same as the color of the cabinet behind this work table. The combination of blue and white on this tray will blend perfectly without disturbing the bright color tone of the room and certainly doesn’t look tacky. Decorate this tray with a white ceramic pot with a small green plant. Re-painted wooden tray from digsdigs.


Forget about garages: the unused (or used) pegboards at your home surprisingly creates a beautiful desktop decoration as well. Feel free to re-paint it, too.

Take advantage of the wall in front of your minimalist desk as a storage idea that doesn’t take up the floor area at all. You just need to attach a white pegboard that is large enough to hang a few hooks used for hanging threads and some other sewing tools such as scissors. Floating shelves with matching colors will be additional storage that you can use as much as possible. Pegboard equipped with a floating rack from hgtv.

If you are a dressmaker, then you can use a hanging pegboard right in front of your desk as a storage idea that saves space without disturbing your floor space at all. This pegboard is equipped with hooks, baskets and floating racks so that it will keep all your work equipment and tools organized. This pegboard storage idea does not cost a lot of expenses so that it is more attractive to people who see it. Hanging pegboard storage from thediymommy.

Colorful Accessories

Energy boost and enthusiasm can come from the colors around you. Hence, we highly recommend incorporating colorful desk accessories; two or three will be enough already. Some to consider are a red task lamp or cobalt blue pen holder.

Make and make your workspace decoration look more colorful and fun, you can attach some paper accessories that are attached to the wall. It is not enough here that you can also apply abstract paintings with a combination of bright pastel colors. Towels that are placed on a leather chair also provide a different color that makes the room seem more cheerful without being boring. Colorful wall accessories and abstract paintings from homedit.

These colorful stationery containers and fabric rolls make your workspace decor lively and vibrant. You can use several different pastel colors as a smart idea which you can do very easily. Small accessories that are inserted into the mason jar also add color that does not damage the color tone of the room so it is highly recommended for you. Colorful box pencil from homedit.

Fresh Flowers

The easiest way to boost the decoration point of your desk—or basically everywhere—is by using flowers! There’s something about fresh blooms of flowers that add instant beautification to otherwise dull rooms. Get yourself committed to change the flowers and water regularly.

Decorate your work desk with a sleek ceramic vase filled with blooming pink flowers with a splash of red. This flower will produce a fragrant aroma that will make you feel comfortable at work all day long. Choose and use minimalist interiors such as melamine wood work tables and chairs equipped with backrests. Covering the floor with a carpet pattern is an elegant impression that you can try. Sleek ceramic flower vases from goodhousekeeping.

Don’t let your work surface look plain and boring, you can add a pastel-colored ceramic vase which will become a focal point for a room that is fresh and looks more beautiful. Place this vase in the corner of the table so as not to interfere with the space for your hands to move or cause chaos by falling onto the floor area. This ceramic vase has a small size but looks attractive and becomes a sight to the eye that is not easily boring. Ceramic flower vases in pastel colors from goodhousekeeping.

We hope you love our desk decoration ideas above!